8 Things I Love About Agents
By John Horton MNAEA MARLA

How To Be A Good Estate Agent and How To Spot One

If you’ve had a wonderful experience with an estate agent or you know someone who has then you might pinch yourself and ask, “Is this really possible?” The answer is an emphatic YES. Great career estate agents are out there in your community, working smart, working hard, endeavouring to make a make a difference hoping to challenge and switch the public’s perception of our profession. The good guys are needles in the haystack – they’re out there – you just have to find them. A disastrous experience often puts you on the back foot before you can differentiate between “The Good, The Bad… and The Indifferent”.

8 Things I Love About “The Good” Agents

1. We’re human beings. I choose to believe people are fundamentally good. Our profession is reviled in a way that only parking wardens and politicians might understand yet the great and good among us persist, attempting to change the public’s opinion.

2. Superb communicators. The very best estate agents are, bar none, some of the best communicators I’ve ever met, whether it’s over the phone, email, WhatsApp, social media, carrier pigeon or – in the (my!) olden days – the fax machine. We can underpin and hold together complex deals, balanced on a knife-edge, with a deft grace that’s rarely seen.

3. Our work ethic is in fifth gear. The best agents I know simply don’t stop. They find the time to get the job done, taking meetings at unsociable hours, bending over backwards for their clients, buyers and tenants in order to minimise inconvenience and remove the hassle factor. The extra mile isn’t crowded and they know it; they love going the distance for their clients.

4. The Power of Positive Thinking. Every successful career estate agent is a glass half full type and it’s this winning attitude that helps achieve the best results for clients. An agent with a sour disposition is one to avoid!

5. Proud, passionate professionals. The top performers are full to the brim with pride and passion for property and they possess a tempered, but boundless energy and enthusiasm that’s infectious.

7. Longevity. Any agent worth their salt is a seasoned professional with a genuine knowledge of their patch. These people have breathed the air in their areas for long enough to know what it is YOU need to know about selling, letting and buying.

8. Superlative service. The best agents know when to listen and when to speak. My mother’s mantra is always, “Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.” Service is a skill you can hone. However, the ability to put a client’s needs before your own is innate – many people don’t possess it so seek out those who do. Speak to current and past clients. The cream always rises to the top.

My advice to sellers and landlords is this: seek out the needles in the haystack. It might take some legwork and several meetings with “The Bad and The Indifferent” but you’ll find them. Here at Horton and Garton, as we celebrate our tenth year of business, our guidance and advice are always available to West London locals. Call us anytime for a chat on how the market is moving in your patch of Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush or Chiswick.