A brilliant time to do business

As an industry, estate agency has a questionable reputation when it comes to customer service. But here at Horton and Garton we think that we are one of the exceptions.

We like to give our clients and customers what we like to call the ‘purple carpet’ treatment.

This means that we set our service standards higher and make it our business to give a straight-talking, professional and honest service.

In estate agency, acting with trust, respect and integrity are the keys to great customer service and ensuring that the agent adds value to a transaction.

I’m glad to say that Horton and Garton have a proven track record in this field – just visit our Google + and Meetmyagent pages to see some of the glowing reviews for yourself – and we always make it our goal to ensure that every client receives the best service possible.

For us, when a client’s transaction moves forward and the deal is closed, the appreciation, recognition and feel-good factor of doing an excellent job is incredibly addictive.

I believe that this is one factor which sets us apart from our corporate competitors. As you may have read in my last article, the‘conveyor belt-like’ turnover of staff in the large corporate agencies really doesn’t lend itself to ensuring that each client receives a personalised, tailored service.

On top of this many agents have also not worked in the area long enough to truly know local clients’ needs.

We, on the other hand, have more than 50 years combined local experience which I like to think gives us the edge.

Operating in an experienced and proactive team with colleagues I’ve worked with for many years makes my job so much easier.

The team works for the good of the team, not just for themselves and this ensures a happy and productive working environment, in turn producing excellent results.

Proactivity is another important point of difference which has been particularly highlighted in the past few months.

All agents would agree that a recovery in the market is well under way and many agents are breathing a sigh of relief.

But this improvement in trade seems to have divided estate agency businesses into two distinct categories: the hunters and the gatherers.

The hunters are those who continue to be proactive in seeking new business even though things are improving,whereas the gatherers are those who feel they can take their foot off the gas as business is on the up, apparently without the need to be especially proactive.

We’re ensuring that we are firmly in the former group; our office is expanding with four new members of staff joining the team, we have recently achieved new qualifications in block management and so we are expanding into this sector, and we continue to support and fund local projects to ensure the area we live and work in is as good as it can be. Hopefully, all of these points will stand us in good stead in the upcoming H&F Brilliant Business Awards.

This year we are going for the ‘Best Customer Service Award’, our aim being to buck the trend, restore some credibility to estate agency as a business and hopefully be rewarded for what we feel is a consistently good service on our part. Fingers crossed!