A new account of the history surrounding St Peter’s Square, Hammersmith

New history book written by local author, Jilly Paver, charts the growth and development of the Hammersmith area spanning two centuries

The project started life a quarter of a century ago as part of a photographic exhibition by Jilly – who is the area’s longest continuous resident – and her husband at St Peter’s Church, and grew into the newly published ‘St Peter’s Estate: A History of St Peter’s Square and its Neighbourhood”

The initial 150-print run of the book has already sold out, but the second edition is on its way. The book is illustrated with 60 black and white images of the way life used to be in the area.

Jilly recalls: “When I was a child it was all artists, sculptors, painters, designers and actors… It was a bohemian area that was known as west London’s Bloomsbury Set.”

Past residents of St Peter’s Square include Vanessa Redgrave, Alec Guinness, painter John Piper, and sculptor James Woodford. Jilly has immersed herself in the local history archives and interviewed many long term residents in the area to build an accurate picture of the history of the square.

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