Your chance to see the rare book collection of an Arts & Crafts pioneer

The former Hammersmith house of Emery Walker - one Britain’s best-preserved homes - boasts a new exhibition space 

It isn’t every day that we have the pleasure of announcing that the opening of a new exhibition space in the area. So we're delighted to let you know about a very special room. 

A matter of yards from the Black Lion pub – where Black Lion Lane meets Hammersmith Terrace and where Chiswick becomes Hammersmith – it’s a little venue that’s been years in the making. 

The first exhibition at 7 Hammersmith Terrace celebrates the most exquisite books ever published by a private press, including the Doves Bible (The Dove pub gave its name to it) and the Kelmscott Chaucer. 

The show – which opens on August 12, runs for nine months but has very limited ticket numbers – looks at the printing methods used by Walker, and his chum William Morris, best known for the textiles and wallpapers he created in late Victorian times. 

It was an age when printing went from primitive wood-carving methods which had hardly changed in 400 years to the exciting new typography which fed the demands of a general public now able to read and write. 

Walker was at the cutting edge of new type, setting up his own company and producing small numbers of beautifully crafted books. 

If you are lucky enough to own an original copy of the Kelmscott Chaucer – the one printed on 8 May 1896, with pale ribs on the spine, pictured below – you can confidently expect to sell it at auction for £150,000. 

Visitors to the first exhibition staged at the new gallery will be able to see proof pages, printing blocks and even examples of the Doves Press type, salvaged from the nearby river. 

It’s a sad story. Thomas Cobden-Sanderson and Walker were business partners, creating a unique typeface and used it to make books which were simply works of art. 

When the partnership broke up, Thomas took the original letters – hundreds of them, weighing over a tonne – and threw them, over the space of eight years, into the Thames… where they still are found, washed up from time to time, by mudlarks grubbing around at low tide.  Some of the retrieved type is on show at the house which is nearly midway between Horton and Garton's Chiswick and Hammersmith offices. 

You can take an hour-long guided tour, and be one of the first to visit the exhibition space, by booking a place via 


Should you renovate before selling your property? An estate agent’s advice

You might not think about the condition of your home until you consider moving - but what's best? 

As a successful Chiswick estate agent who’s assisted with well over 500 property sales, Chiswick Director Paul Cooney can provide guidance to those thinking about selling their property in W4 who aren’t sure if they should do some updating before putting it on the market.

Is it worth renovating your house before selling?

In the current market, it depends. There’s no one size fits all answer when it comes to whether it’s worth renovating your house before selling. It is often the case that to give an answer based on your specific property, we need to see it in person – it can vary widely depending on the property.

A recent news article cited four renovation projects that will add value to your home but warned that at present with the high demand for building works many are paying a premium and suffering delay - further putting pressure on the question as to whether it is truly worth renovating your house before selling.

Some properties might be in good or fair condition throughout but have a bathroom that leaves a lot to be desired. In this instance, a new bathroom might cost circa £5,000 to re-do. A potential buyer will not only see the cost involved in having to re-do the bathroom but they’ll also put a value on the hassle of having to do the work, meaning they might think it appropriate to take as much as £10,000 or even £15,000 off of your asking price on the basis that the bathroom needs renovating.

In homes that have been lived in for many years it might be that the entire property needs renovating in full. Unless you’re a developer with experience and a sizeable pot of money to pour into a whole house renovation, it might not be worth renovating your house before selling.

Not only is the question of whether it is worth renovating your house before selling unique to each property in Chiswick, but it is also unique to everyone, their circumstances, and plans.

What renovations are worth doing before selling?

It is often the case that there are small renovations worth doing before selling. We’ve pulled together a list of those places we’d suggest you focus some attention on before selling your property in Chiswick:

  • Fix any leaking taps
  • Redecorate scuff marks or peeling paint
  • Fill, sand and redecorate any small cracks
  • Fix loose tiles or floorboards
  • Dirty grout and mouldy sealant should be fixed

From experience, it’s also a good idea to have a deep clean before bringing your property to the market.

Serious issues that need fixing

If your property is found to have serious issues such as structural defects, it might in fact become impossible for potential buyers to gain lending on your property from a mortgage provider.

A property that is not mortgageable is tricky to sell as only cash buyers can bid, and they’ll likely know that you can only sell to them due to the condition meaning you might not get a premium price for your property.

Structural issues that should be fixed as a priority when selling include:

  • Subsidence
  • Rising damp
  • A leaking roof or missing tiles
  • Structural cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Insect infestations such as woodworm
  • Rotten joists

Some of the issues might be included in your building’s insurance cover, so it’s worth looking at your paperwork and giving them a call.

Can you sell a house that needs renovation?

Yes, you can absolutely sell a house that needs renovation. Depending on the scale of the works required you might only be able to sell to certain buyers.

The strategy for selling a home that needs renovation is often different to ensure a seller achieves the best possible price for the property.

Do renovations increase property value?

Certain renovations can increase property value. If you’re making alternations with a view to selling be certain that these improvements are made with a buyer in mind – neutral inoffensive colours and design should be applied.

Even if it’s not to your liking, try to be pragmatic. Remember any renovations you’re doing at this stage are intending to increase your sale price.

Not everyone has the same taste and style, but most buyers can envisage themselves living in a neutral space as its easier to imagine what their belongings might look like.

What renovation adds the most value to a house?

When naming what renovation adds the most value to a house in Chiswick, the answer will be different depending on each property.

One property might be in good condition throughout but repairing the external brickwork or repainting the render is the one task that would most dramatically affect the sale price. Another property might benefit from giving the garden some attention or perhaps some new carpet in the hallway.

If you’re planning on selling your property and are wondering if you should renovate before putting it on the market, the best way to explore your options is to invite Paul to visit so that he can give you honest feedback not only based on your property and plans but also the current market conditions.

You might also be considering doing some renovations to your property before letting it, if that’s the case and you’d like to receive some professional input on the best way to renovate your rental property in Chiswick so that it appeals to tenants, increases rental value and decreases the possibility of void periods then do get in touch with the Chiswick lettings team.

In many instances, small changes that have a low cost can make a big difference to how your home shows both on photos and in person. Sometimes simply decluttering and perhaps a little home staging can make all the difference.

To explore whether it is worth carrying out any renovations on your property, please get in touch with Paul and the Horton and Garton Chiswick team.

Party on the Pier: Sunday 25 July from 11am-4pm

Chiswick’s favourite riverside party is back!

A much-loved annual event in Chiswick’s social calendar, Party on the Pier showcases what the charities based at Chiswick Pier have to offer. It’s a fun-filled introduction to river-based activities and a terrific day out for the family. Enjoy a free boat trip down the Thames on the Golden Salamander, courtesy of Fuller’s - a trip will run every 45 minutes. Amanda’s Action Kids will be there to entertain little ones and you’ll find a variety of artisan craft stalls, activities and food and drink. Grab a salt beef bagel, Reuben sandwich, hot dog or smoked salmon bagel from Salt Beef Shack or enjoy mouth-watering Caribbean vegetarian food courtesy of Mama Pets. Super Scoop will serve up handmade ice cream and freshly made crepes.

The charities based at Chiswick Pier will be showcasing their work and the activities they run throughout the year. Chiswick Pier Canoe Club, who operate from the Trust on Sundays, are offering canoe taster sessions which are appropriate for young people aged over 14, as well as adults. The Thames Explorer Trust has a River Dipping session at 11 am, which is a guided exploration of the foreshore. The RNLI will have  information about its work, and souvenir stand. The Sea Cadets will have a stall where little ones can practice catching plastic ducks, and adults and children can enter a tombola. You can find out the sort of activities and training the Sea Cadets offer young people, and meet some of the current recruits. 

Mark your calendars for Sunday 25 July from 11am – 4pm

Party on the Pier Timetable 

From 11am: 

Thames Explorer Trust meet outside the Pier House for River Dipping 

The first free boat trip leaves (and then runs every 45 minutes). 

The first Canoe Taster Sessions start 

Amanda’s Action Kids will run sessions at 12.00, 1.00pm and 2.30pm. 

It's not coming home... Yet

The hurt continues... Time to stand up for the team.

England's track record with penalties is a lifelong legacy of pain since 1990 for me and the nation.

Yet, we must hold our heads high as we made the final.

There were so many great teams and players that did not even make the quarter-finals. So as a country and as a nation, we can all be so proud of the English football team and our efforts. Gareth Southgate and his team brought back the summer feel good factor and we all believed this was our time.

It was just not meant to be.

Well done to Italy - this time. And well done to Wembley for hosting a great tournament. Now, onwards and upwards to Qatar next year. See you there!

- John Horton
Director, Horton and Garton







Back to the flicks in Chiswick High Road

How wonderful to return to the cinema, and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful venue as the Chiswick Cinema on our doorstep! 

It opened with a star-studded launch where guests included David ‘Chariots of Fire’ Puttnam and Greg ‘BBC Director-General’ Dyke… and it’s well worth supporting. 

The cinema’s address, 94 Chiswick High Road, has been an arty local space for half a century. For four decades young dancers in tutus pirouetted at the HQ of Ballet Rambert, which was opened in 1971 by Ingrid Bergman… best known for playing opposite Humphrey Bogart in the 1942 classic Casablanca. 

Now completely rebuilt as an eco-friendly, 500-seat four-screen multiplex, it’s reintroducing everyone to the fun of filmgoing after a full year of staring at small screens at home, thanks to lockdown. 

Friendly and welcoming

There is something special about shared enjoyment of a good film in the company of a knowledgeable local audience, and manager Kathryn Smith and her team are friendly and welcoming.  

Although it is open to the public, the cinema also has different tiers of membership which reward regular visitors, give discounts on food and drink and help support the venture. Founder sponsors and benefactors have their own exclusive bar and restaurant, but everyone can take drinks and cocktails into the film showings as well. The cinema is also available for private hire, with one screen having 15 luxury seats; another useful addition to the local scene, although you’ll be relieved to hear I’m not planning on showing any old home movies of mine. 

Looking good

What’s also great is that this is a major architectural addition to Chiswick High Road. Although the site was mothballed from 2013 to 2020, now – even allowing for the pandemic delay – it’s a dramatic, eye-catching building which Kathryn (who began her cinema career as a West End usherette!) rightly calls ‘the heart of the community’. 

With its road-facing green wall, wheelchair accessibility and recycling commitments, this is also an environmentally responsible cinema. Even if you aren’t seeing a film, pop in for a coffee or a drink and take a look round. “It’s for people who love film, and want to watch films in a beautiful building,” said Kathryn, who is also planning a summer holiday kids’ film club. 

Films return

It’s the first new movie theatre in Chiswick since the 1930s, reviving a silver-screen era which once included the Palais at 365 Chiswick High Road, the Electric on the Duke Road/High Road corner, Cinema Royal at No160 (now the retro vintage and antiques centre) and the Empire at 414 – a music hall and variety palace which also screened films. 

It’s a great place to let the magic of movies unfold in the company of a host of strangers in the dark, while munching contentedly on upmarket popcorn (they even have brie flavour!) and exclusive sweets. By the autumn you’ll also be able to dine on croquettes and baguettes as you watch a film, and in the future there will be a chance to watch old movies on a proper old 35mm projector for the authentic experience, as well as all the latest digital films. 

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Chiswick Cinema planned an Ingrid Bergman season to salute the 50th anniversary of the Swedish actress putting the High Road address on the map. Can we nominate Notorious, Joan of Arc and Spellbound for a start? 


The Chiswick Cinema is located at 94 Chiswick High Road,  adjacent to the Horton and Garton sales office, Paul Cooney Director at The Studio, 129 Chiswick High Road and a hop, skip and a jump to Gable House, Turnham Green Terrace, where Anthony Wozniak heads up our new Chiswick W4 lettings office.

For more details and current films, visit:

A topping addition to the dining scene pops up in King Street

The latest addition to the dining scene in Hammersmith and Chiswick sees a jazz musician launch a pizza parlour in King Street

It’s all about the base… but it’s also all about the toppings! Base Face Pizza is Tim Thornton’s first foray into the restaurant business. He’s better known for his double bass playing at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s but – keen to spend more daytime watching two-year-old daughter Elisa grow up – he’s given up music touring in favour of food. 

Named after the funny faces than jazz musicians pull, the eat-in-and-take-out restaurant is in the former Piate Mediterranean restaurant opposite Tesco Express at 300 King Street – just down the road from the Horton and Garton office at No172. 

And our staff can vouch for the quality of the pizzas, with the bases created using a mix of ultra-refined double-zero flour and tritordeum (a wild barley and durum mix with cardiovascular benefits). 

The specials include the wonderfully named Ndjua Love Me (Stilton and Cornish Kern cheeses, nduja – a spicy sausage, tomato, maple syrup and oregano) and Peppergine (a veggie version made with roast aubergine, burnt pepper crema, olives and basil). But the standard classics (which start at £7) are just as impressive, and you can customise them with added toppings such as fennel sausage, balsamic glaze spiral and mixed wild mushrooms. 

Italian job

Tim’s wife Rosanna is Italian, and she and little Elisa are the testers and tasters before each new topping is unveiled. “When the pandemic started, I wanted to bring a bit of joy back to the community, so I made pizzas in an oven in the garden and gave them away, just asking for £5 donations to the NHS charity,” the 32-year-old told me.  

He uses fellow west London food producers, to reduce food miles and support local businesses. So, the sausage comes from Ginger Pig in Askew Road, spices are from Chiswick Chillies, beer is from Portobello brewery and Jeffersons craft brewery in Barnes, with cheese from the La Latteria mozzarella shop in Acton. Puds include ice creams from Bears Ice Cream Company in Ravenscourt Park.  

Regulars at the Hammersmith farmers’ market will already know his pizzas as he has had a pop-up pizzeria there. “My focus is on eating in; pizzas taste best when they’re fresh out of the oven,” he said. “For me, the joy of doing this is to create a really nice place for people to come and spend an evening with the family and friends.”  

Local lad

Tim is a local lad who lives near Barrowgate Road, Chiswick, and went to Latymer Upper School.  

“I really love doing this. Italian food is so good because the produce is so fresh and local when you go to Italy. We’ve got good milk here, so what’s the point in flying in cheese from Naples when we can make it in west London?”  

We wish him well in his new venture! 

Base Face Pizza is located at 300 King Street, Hammersmith W6 0RR. Follow on Instagram or visit:

The best estate agent office in Chiswick

The Horton and Garton Chiswick sales team has moved!

Their new home, High Road Studio, is much more than just another estate agent office. Here, Director Paul Cooney highlights why their new unassuming workspace is quite so unique and why it might just deserve the accolade of the best estate agent office in Chiswicksimply because it is so much more than the carbon copy ‘goldfish bowl’ seen dotted up and down high streets across London and the rest of the country.

A space to focus on being the best estate agent in Chiswick

Despite the new Chiswick work studio being a hybrid space, the focus absolutely remains on selling Chiswick properties as a first priority. The striking bright workspace at High Road Studio is a phenomenal upgrade and an energising working environment that is perfect for the team to focus on selling property across all of W4 and providing a stellar service to clients.

As with any job in any industry, feeling inspired to fulfil your role and to do it with vigour can sometimes be a challenge when your outlook is boxy and uninspiring. This might be a reason why, for many, working from home has increased their productivity and the quality of their work.

The uplifting space is also ideal for the team to concentrate on creating the exceptional property marketing which Horton and Garton Chiswick is known for. As we already continuously achieve the most buyer views on our property listings out of all the Chiswick agents on portals such as Rightmove, it’s possible our new, more inspiring surroundings might send us stratospheric.

Discretion when handling your personal affairs

We’re welcoming clients, past, present and potential, and those who want a catch up over coffee to make an appointment to visit us. The beauty of the studio is that it’s an inviting home like setting where we can comfortably meet with clients.

With over 13 years’ experience in agency, 11 years of which have been in Chiswick, Paul feels strongly that it is unnecessary to have a shop front office as an estate agent.

Not only is digital presence now more important than photos in windows but moreover, these offices which are open to the public to walk into, do not always provide clients with the privacy and discretion that their personal affairs should be afforded. 

To be shared with the community 

We’re going to be sharing our new workspace with the community, and this is the part that is already spiking the interest of local organisations.

For clarity, as we’ve been asked, Horton and Garton Chiswick are not opening a side business in events.

Being so passionate about Chiswick, having now worked here for over a decade, Paul has long envisaged having a suitable space, a place from which to focus on work whilst also offering the ability to learn and grow, supporting local businesses and charities along the way.

It just so happened that an opportunity arose to move to this spacious studio that was firstly the perfect work home for Horton and Garton Chiswick and secondly that it could be shared with the community.

We first contacted Artists at Home, as we’ve supported them for some time, and wondered if any of the artists would like their work showcased – we had a phenomenal response and are now surrounded by beautiful artwork.

Along with members of Artists at Home having their work showcased throughout the year, there are arrangements in place for a local food business to hold pop ups in August and plans are in motion for speaking and business events when restrictions allow.

In a central Chiswick location

Since opening the Chiswick office in 2017, the Chiswick sales team have worked from Gable House on Turnham Green Terrace. It’s entirely necessary for a Chiswick estate agent to be positioned in a central location.

An agent’s place of work needs to enable them to reach appointments at properties across all of W4 quickly and allow for clients to be able to easily meet with the agent in their place of work.

When the space at 129 Chiswick High Road became available Paul and the team quickly realised it was the ideal hybrid space not only in terms of the internal space but because of the location – it’s perfect for us as a place to work and as a space to share with the local community.   

Selling or letting your property in Chiswick

If you’re thinking about selling your Chiswick property and would like an informal chat with Paul please do get in touch, we’re happy to come to your home but if you’d rather come and visit our new work home you’re more than welcome to make an appointment to stop by. If you’re looking for a team to let and manage your property in W4 the Chiswick lettings team are available to meet or speak with over the phone and offer professional guidance.

High Road Studio is being managed by Parinda Boon, our Social Media Manager, and Emily Bosco who manages Admin and Client Care. If you’d like to explore a potential collaboration, please do get in touch with Parinda and Emily.

For updates and to see further images of our new work home you can follow the new dedicated High Road Studio Instagram account – click here.

We’re really looking forward to this next chapter and are excited for future collaborations and events at High Road Studio.

We’re hiring!

Join West London’s winning property team

We're expanding our market-leading teams in Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush and Chiswick for both sales and lettings.

If you’re looking for an exciting, West London-based role that centres around delivering a five-star client experience and exceptional results, consider joining our winning team.

Experience is a bonus but a passion for West London property, superb communication skills, the ability to work in a team and a full and clean driver’s license are the only prerequisites.

Get in touch today for your chance to join the Horton and Garton team. Pop into our office to say hello, call 020 8819 0510 or email your CV to Kath on


Selling a house in the summer? Read our top 5 tips

Here's what can you do to maximise your property's appeal both online and in person to sell your house this summer

Paul Cooney, Director of Horton and Garton Chiswick highlights the ways in which you can maximise your property's appeal both online and for in person viewings relevant to those selling a house in the summer. As a long time Chiswick estate agent, Paul has assisted many vendors with a sale during this period of the year and shares his top tips for success.

The UK property market usually enjoys a brief slowdown in activity during the hottest months of the year whilst everyone heads off on holiday, this year it's very possible that you might be considering selling a house in the summer.

With buyers still out in record numbers looking for their next home in Chiswick and some reduction in tax still available, what is usually a traditionally quiet period over the summer may be busier than usual as many decide now is the time to action their plans to move.

Tip 1. De-clutter

A top tip that is applicable year-round is to declutter your home before putting it on the market for sale. It’s particularly hard for a buyer to imagine themselves living in a property if the house is entirely full of belongings, visualising how their furniture would fit or how they would live there could become challenging and result in putting a buyer off when in fact the property might be perfect underneath the clutter!

Rooms that are tidy and organised not only view better in person but look beautiful in online photos and virtual tours which is incredibly important.

The same applies to any very personal artwork or ornaments you might have in your home that might be distracting. Whilst it is currently your home and you live there, you might be able to secure a buyer quicker or achieve a higher sale price by enabling buyers to view the property as their own.

For more tips on decluttering and organising your home our previous blog and interview with decluttering expert Esme might be an interesting read.


Tip 2. Focus on the garden

Gardens are usually at some of their most beautiful stages in the summer, it’s an excellent time to show-off a well-maintained outdoor space. If you have a garden and you’re selling a house in the summer, you should absolutely be focusing your attentions on the garden. Be sure to regularly mow the lawn, remove weeds and cut any hedges or overgrown trees that might be restricting the natural light.

Set the stage for buyers so they can imagine themselves spending time in your garden. Get out the garden furniture, if it’s looking a bit drab then a lick of paint can go a long way to create a more welcoming space. 

If you’re looking to inject some colour into your garden, plant pots can be a wonderful addition to brighten the space.


Tip 3. Clean the windows

When the sun is shining dirty windows can be particularly evident and, in some case, can take away from the light that fills a room.

If you don’t have the time or the tools to clean the windows yourself hiring a window cleaner might be a good idea as it can really make a difference.

Many houses now have large doors or multiple, bi-folding doors which lead out onto the garden which get dirty quite easily if you have young children or pets so be sure to include a quick once over of these spots prior to viewings to really show off your home.

Tip 4. Tidy up the exterior

We’ve mentioned the garden as an exterior area to focus on when selling a house in the summer but what about the other areas of your property. Buyers first impressions quite literally begin from the second they lay eyes on the house meaning an unkept front hedge or peeling window frames are likely to set the tone of ‘needs work’.

Chiswick properties often have a bay window and might have original sash windows, investing in redecoration of any painted masonry and windowpanes can make a huge difference to the first look of a property.

Equally any front garden or pathway and the front door should be tidied up as much as possible. Trimming the hedge and giving the path a clean can really help.


Tip 5. Light and airy - but not too hot

Open the curtains and blinds and allow air to flow through the property. The sun shines for the longest through the summer months meaning you should absolutely take advantage of all the natural light that’s available through the day.

Certain rooms in most homes are prone to getting hotter than the rest of the house simply because they sit in the sun for the longest. Whilst light is a good thing an overheated room does not view well, similarly an orangery or conservatory can become very warm, especially at the height of summer so try to keep air flow through the property to avoid a room becoming uncomfortable.


Letting a property in the summer

Many of the above points are also applicable to your strategy as a landlord to appeal to new tenants and minimise the risk of a void period. If your property has a garden and you’re aware that the current tenants are not particularly green-fingered it might be a worthwhile investment to employ a gardener to tidy up the garden.

If you’re due to be letting your property in Chiswick this summer our W4 lettings team would be delighted to discuss your plans and share their knowledge in order to secure future tenants.

Selling a house in the summer – a good thing?

There might have previously been the connotation that selling a house in the summer was not a good idea as people typically disappear off on holiday or have the children home for school so might not have the time to focus on finding a home, historically many would put their search on pause – this is no longer the case for the majority.

The usual peaks and troughs in activity seen across the UK property market are increasingly smoothing out as buyers can now access so much from anywhere, and at any time, online.

Not only does this mean that vendors need to be very mindful of the digital marketing campaign undertaken by the selling agent representing their property, but that timing of a sale is less likely to be triggered by a change in season and more to do with personal plans.

Chiswick in particular has seen a distinct rise in interest over the past 12 months, in particular from those buyers seeking family homes with gardens, W4 continues to be one of London’s prime suburbs

If you’d like to talk about selling your property this summer, please do get in touch for a no obligation discussion.

Will the new rules for landlords affect me?

Landlords and tenants are being asked how best to crackdown on rogue landlords and improve living standards for renters

Here at Horton and Garton, we offer advice and help for our landlords. “We help our landlords with all legal requirements,” said Ashley Clements, Branch Manager at Horton and Garton. “We know how to make the process quick, easy and accurate.”

Approximately one third of homes in Hammersmith & Fulham are rented from private landlords – or a total of 27,500 addresses.

Will the new rules for landlords affect me?

If you live, work, or rent a property in one of these streets, the new rules may affect you:

-Askew Road, W12
-Goldhawk Road, W12
-Shepherds Bush Road, W6
-Barons Court Road, W6
-Greyhound Road, W6
-Sinclair Road, W14
-Bloemfontein Road, W12
-King Street, W6
-Talgarth Road, W6
-Blythe Road, W14
-Lime Grove, W12
-Uxbridge Road, W12
-Coningham Road, W12
-Dalling Road, W6
-Wood Lane, W12
-Richmond Way, W12
-Woodstock Grove, W12
-Scrubs Lane, W12

If approved, the scheme will run for five years – so it’s important that landlords comply with the new rules.

These include:

  • additional licences for shared flats and houses, to ensure they are properly managed, safe and not overcrowded 
  • selective licences in 23 roads to improve standards in areas of anti-social behaviour or poor conditions 
  • a private landlords’ charter to qualify for discounts on licence fees if good standards are maintained 
  • minimum standards for shared flats and houses to keep tenants safe.


We know that some landlords will find the licensing to be yet another task on an ever-expanding list of things to do.

However, genuine landlords already ensure their properties match the standard required by H&F. “We look forward to a more level playing field with all landlords having to meet the same standard – this would force rogue landlords out of the market,” Ashley said.

The council first launched a version of this scheme in 2017 to license landlords who rent out houses and flats in other areas of H&F. It has been successful in helping to raise standards.

“We always stay on top of the changing rules in our local area,” Ashley added. “Our management team has first-hand local experience, which goes way beyond just achieving the best price and introducing a decent tenant. Your letting agent should now also be able to give you peace of mind that they can advise you on key legislation and help you hit any new deadlines.”

Get in touch

Share your thoughts and you could win a £50 Marks & Spencer voucher. The consultation ends on August 10. Have your say here:

If you have any questions about letting in H&F, please call Ashley on 020 8819 0511 or email: