Brackenbury Residents Association rings the changes

It’s all change for the Brackenbury Residents Association. Following the group’s AGM last week which I attended – and at which my favourite client Joanna Gosling was the keynote speaker – there have been a score of new faces and farewells to serving members.

Outgoing BRA officers included Rosemary Petit (membership secretary), Claire Harris (trees), Lesley Spires (safety/police) and Richard Owen (streetscape).

And the following new members were elected: Alice McMillan, Stuart Blake (chairman), Julia Davidson (secretary), Joanna Thomas (events officer) and Richard Winterton (architectural adviser) – all previous members.

New members to the committee include Judi Shaw (membership secretary), Diana Ward (tree officer), and Peter & Pam Rosier (joint community safety officers).

However, the association is still looking for someone to head up the streetscape portfolio or to act as BRA’s legal adviser.

Here’s a bit of background about the new members:

Judi Shaw

I have lived in Overstone Road for thirty years – I moved here when the term – Brackenbury Village – was a future twinkle in an agent’s eye. Hammersmith is a brilliant location and the diversity of people/ families living here is what attracted me then and keeps me here now. Despite having made my living  in commercial corporate interiors I am a keen supporter of balance between residential and commercial space. Living on the boundary, as Stuart and I do, I aim to support residents in maintaining that balance. My interests lie predominantly in architecture and design.

Diana Ward

I have lived in Richford Street since 1998, and was an active member of the Richford Street Residents’ Association. I have been a garden designer since 1986, mainly with private clients, but also for communal gardens, including Ladbroke Square Gardens and Royal Crescent. Subsidence is fortunately less of a problem here than in Kensington, but trees must be pruned, crown lifted and thinned to keep them in shape. There is a good approach to trees in this borough. Trees are important to the well-being of life, and I am happy to help.

Peter and Pam Rosier

Peter moved from Ravenscourt to Bradmore Park Road in 1995. He’s a former BBC and ITV public affairs executive. Pamela is a former teacher and Parliamentary Officer. ‘We hope to raise the profile of crime prevention and safety within Brackenbury. Together we also coordinate  the Bradmore Park Road Neighbourhood  Watch.’

Angie White

I am a business and technology consultant, and looking forward to supporting BRA as content editor, acting as a conduit for news and information. I’ve lived in Brackenbury since 1995 (apart from a stint in Florence) and have lived/worked in surrounding areas – including the BBC – since 1987. I find it one of the best areas of London to live in as it has a small village feel. Residents care very much about their locale.