Breaking Records in W6

Horton and Garton achieves Hammersmith’s highest £pound per square foot post-Brexit

Horton and Garton’s sales team has just sold Hammersmith’s most expensive property on record at a ceiling-smashing £1578 per square foot on Brackenbury Village’s desirable Cardross Street.

Martin Clements, Horton and Garton’s Sales Manager of a decade, says of the transaction, “Whilst it has broken every Brackenbury Village £pound per square foot record, it also represents the priciest post-Brexit £pound per square foot achieved in the whole of the W6 postcode.

We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment in what is supposedly a ‘difficult’ property marketplace as it demonstrates what an exceptional agency can achieve. The fact is we sell 150% more property in Brackenbury Village than our nearest competitor which demonstrates the firm grasp we have on its unique micro-market.”

hammersmith's most expensive property

Director John Horton notes, “Every article on the London property market spouts doom and gloom, and whilst the market certainly has shifted since the Brexit vote, it’s tough to buy into that negative mindset when we’re doing so well for our clients.

It comes back to one of my favourite sayings: some of our competitors couldn’t value a £5 note. It was true ten years ago and it’s true today. When you know property in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and Chiswick like we do, nothing is impossible.

My advice to sellers is to instruct the trusted local agent who has a genuine knowledge of your area then take their professional advice on the sale of your property.

We’re working hard for you – every step of the way – and keeping our clients at the heart of each transaction. Our recent success with the property on Cardross Street is a direct reflection of our seller putting their total trust in our century of combined experience in Hammersmith property. By taking our advice it enabled us to do achieve an outstanding result.”

cardross street

Sales negotiator Phil Coombes, whose years of experienced sourced the ideal buyer, says, “I knew from the moment I saw the house that it had huge potential – the ability to extend on the ground floor, first floor and maximise the top floor with a loft and rear pod conversion.

Within hours of the seller instructing us and before it was listed on Rightmove, Zoopla or we had multiple interested parties chomping at the bit to view.

Our experience and already-established rapport with our buyers ensured we were able to achieve not just the best price for our seller but the best price Hammersmith has ever seen. The deal was negotiated and cliched within TWO DAYS of the seller instructing us to go about our work. One very happy buyer and one very happy seller means it’s mission accomplished!”

If you’re considering selling in Hammersmith, Chiswick or Shepherds Bush, our sales team is at your service – get in touch today.