Buy To Let Landlords pocket over £250k

Buy To Let Landlords in London Make Huge Profits in 2017

The average buy-to-let landlord made a jaw-dropping £253,981 selling their London property in 2017 – almost three times as much as those selling buy to let properties outside the capital.

Approximately 96% of landlords made a profit upon selling with around 28% of landlord sellers doubling their money after putting their property on the market last year, according to research published by the Daily Telegraph this week. The report was unclear on how long on average the landlords had owned their London buy-to-lets leading our Sales Manager Martin Clements to comment, “The London property market has its own microclimate and has been proven to be a great place to invest over a long period of time.

This particular report is vague as it doesn’t provide information or an average price increase should you have owned your buy-to-let for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and so on. I regularly help landlords acquire property to add to their portfolios and also help them sell certain properties so they can invest elsewhere, put their children through university, relocate, renovate, travel or retire comfortably. We deliver expert landlord advice and they certainly benefit from our expertise, whether selling or renting, and that helps yield them the highest possible return on investment.”

Why Landlord’s Choose Us To Manage Their Investments

Tax Changes May Be The Driver For Buy To Let Landlords

Director of Mortgages at UK Finance Jackie Bennett notes that while mortgage lending for both first time buyers and movers has increased in the first part of 2018 when compared year-on-year with 2017, “Growth in the buy-to-let market remains subdued, reflecting the ongoing impact of recent tax and regulatory changes.”  Lettings Manager Ashley Clements comments, “When a landlord chooses to sell, it’s often a more considered decision than the original property purchase. Capital gains tax, higher stamp duty if they purchase again and deciding where to invest those funds from a sale are amongst the points that need to be considered.

Good News For First Time Buyers?

First-time buyers, in particular, may find these statistics to be good news as fresh stock coming to the market gives them a wider choice. The properties we have sold on behalf of West London landlords have been providing good homes for tenants who cannot or choose not to buy. The housing sector is complex and cannot be summed up in one article or comment but I do know that our local area thrives on a mixed population of all backgrounds and age groups, some of whom are living here and contributing to our area only as landlords have properties here that they can rent. Tax changes mean some landlords are considering possible exit strategies for their rental investments however it will prove difficult to find other investment routes which have such a long-term pedigree and reliability as London property. For advice on letting or selling your portfolio, Horton and Garton are at your service.”

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