Could Murray Mound be the hottest property of summer?

Welcome to the summer of sport! The weather may not be up to much, but it’s mind-boggling just how much sport there is on offer for Londoners.

Now that the bunting has been taken down and the royal pageantry of the Jubilee is just a memory of a cold day on the Thames, the serious business of England in the European Championships has arrived.

Sure, Chelsea fans have already had a chance to celebrate this summer with their sterling victory in Munich. But nevertheless, it was good to see a healthy crowd of England supporters at The Salutation on Monday evening.

The early start times of foreign tournaments can sometimes be a headache for fans – and also for employers. So I tried to have the best of both worlds – I took my top two sales staff to the pub with me. It was win-win!

Unfortunately, England didn’t win-win. But in the immortal words of Sir Bobby Robson, we haven’t lost yet! And we all know how well it turned out for Robson’s army.

And just a mile away in Barons Court, all eyes have turned to Queen’s Club. It’s slowly turned into the elite pre-Wimbledon warm-up tournament attracting the big names. It’s no small feat for the Club and if you haven’t been to see a match at Queen’s, drive your boss even crazier by calling in sick and catching a few sets this week. It’s got a fantastic, intimate atmosphere that draws some intense tennis fans.

And then there’s Wimbledon itself with one iconic piece of real estate – Murray Mound. In estate agent terms, it’s an improving area with great prospects, good views and like-minded neighbours – and is only let down by the lack of an English champion. But in a few years, who knows!?!

Oh, and let’s not forget the Olympics. It’s the sporting event that everyone living north of Fulham Road is looking forward to. And everyone living south of Fulham Road is beginning to dread.

It’s worth registering with TfL for a personalised travel plan ( – because there are some areas of Olympia and South Fulham that will be virtually locked down during the Games. If you own a small business, the footfall will be a boon. But if you want to get to your mum’s house for tea, forget about it! And don’t even bother getting on a Tube…

Aside from the travel headaches, it will be great to see London transformed into the capital of sport with fans from across the world trying to figure out their new A-Zs and Oyster cards, while all of Great Britain’s eyes will be on sporting stars like diver Tom Daley, who regularly trains at The Park Club in East Acton.

But when the final ball is kicked, volleyed and dunked this summer, it will surely go down as one of the best years to be a Londoner and a sports fan in living memory.

Unless you hate sport, of course… And if you do, get in touch with Horton and Garton as we would be happy to help you rent your house out for the summer if you want to escape!