Get estate agents on board – or name and shame!

Many years ago, popular protest saw residents in Hammersmith, West Kensington and Fulham pressure the local authority into creating areas where estate agents couldn’t put up advertising boards.

Now, fed-up residents of Hammersmith Grove are asking the council to widen the Bradmore conservation area’s exclusion zone to ban boards in Overstone, Kilmarsh and Southerton Roads.

For estate agents, the rules are simple. Two weeks after the property is sold or let, the boards should come down.

But notice how many stay up way past their sell-by date.

Agents also pull another dirty trick – by putting by boards on properties they don’t represent. Or even worse, that aren’t even on the market.

Before the ban, it got so bad in Sinclair Road that it became a veritable rogue’s gallery of rule-breaking estate agents and their boards.

And that’s where I agreed with the residents of Hammersmith: the system has been abused by my colleagues for too long.

But an outright ban unfairly penalises the agents who follow the rules. Much better would be for the council to name and shame – and then heavily fine! – agents who are repeatedly breaking the rules.

To report illegal boards, email: