Good Samaritan wins the day in King Street

Today as I was walking home on King Street I managed to drop my phone.

I only realised I did not have it when I got home. I called it – no answer. I was frantic to find it.

Just as I began to panic, my landline at home rang. A local resident had picked up my phone and was calling me to let me know. He said, come collect it.

I almost fainted with delight! So I offered to buy him a drink. But he politely declined. So I hopped the shop and bought him a crate of beer plus a handful of lottery tickets to say thanks.

The Good Samaritan was made up, but I was happier! I have over a 1,000 contacts on my phone, plus 1,000s of photos and videos.

Tomorrow – I will begin backing up the data on my phone. But tonight, I’m celebrating my good fortune!