Hammersmith artist Noonie Minogue tells her creative story at Artists at Home Festival

The Hammersmith- born printmaker invited other artists and enthusiasts into her West London home studio to share her fairytale journey

Noonie, who is also an accomplished author, book reviewer, translator and musician, discovered etching whilst visiting Rome. She later attended printmaking courses at Kensington and Chelsea College, but is largely self-taught.

Over the years, Noonie has experimented with etching, drypoint, aquatint and mono-printing. Her most recent creative projects have titles taken from characters in Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.

These latest pieces are more abstract than her earlier work; looking more like miniatures with a base colour printed to the very edge of the paper.

On her personal website, Noonie explains how random objects or patterns can often generate stories and provide inspiration.

“Even if they are trees, rocks, or soup ladles or merely smudges, they begin to resemble something… without a particular plan, I’ve been surprised by silhouettes that formed in a mythic landscape.”

For more information on Noonie and her vibrant portfolio, and to find out where you can view her work, visit her website.