Hammersmith residents given leading role in town centre regeneration plans

Councillors in the West London borough have recruited local residents to play a key role in planning and redevelopment of the area.

The Hammersmith Residents’ Working Party was formed in late 2015, and is comprised of local residents, business owners and resident groups. The committee will advise and work alongside the council and developers to set the standard for change in the area over the next 20 years.

The committee has met several times already, in order to discuss permissions for developers and lay ground rules as to what residents are comfortable with, moving forward. Council leaders have expressed their desire to consult and work with residents, rather than enforce changes without the opportunity for discussion and input. This provides the local community with a much stronger voice and more of a say in what happens to the neighbourhood they care so much about.

The project aims to tackle improvements to environment and sustainability, affordable housing, supporting businesses and creating new jobs, and growing the local economy. Also on the agenda are improvements to King Street and restoration of links to the river.

The end goal of these monthly workshops is to produce a planning document as a blueprint for the regeneration of Hammersmith. The group have already discussed key areas such as land use, open space and connectivity and community.

To keep up to date with planning and regeneration discussions, residents can visit Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s official website.