Happy endings are hard to come by. So keep reading!

HERE in Hammersmith, there is a happy ending to the rather unhappy stand-off between residents and developers over the Hammersmith Grove NCP car park site.

Five years ago, the scheme was an ambitious glass ‘armadillo’ ready to put Hammersmith on the architectural map while including a funky cinema for locals to gorge on non-mainstream films.

Now, it’s another steel-glass-box of offices – with no cultural goodies on offer.

But the good news is that the developer is £1.65million to the council for local improvements – and it is ploughing it into revamping the popular Hammersmith Library.

The 1905 Grade-II listed library has been threatened with closure a few times recently, as the council faces its own budget crisis. So the cash injection can only be viewed as a happy ending for Hammersmith residents – especially those with kids who have relied on their great story-telling events for a bit of respite from the kids (yours truly!).

Now, the council wants to hear from locals about what you want the ‘new’ library to look like. Have your say at: www.lbhf.gov.uk/libraryrefurbishment