H&G Spotlight Employee: Ashley Clements

In this months ‘H&G Spotlight Employee’ it’s the turn of Lettings Manager Ashley to tell us a bit more about himself:

1.How long have you worked for Horton and Garton? 4 years

2.Where did you grow up and what did you do before H&G? I grew up in west London and moved into agency in 2006. Previously I worked for seven years on Jaguar cars as a technician/mechanic. My training and in insight into estate agency started very early with part time work within a local West London agency from the age of 16.

3.Funniest Horton and Garton moment? When meeting a new client at her home along with my colleague Martin, the vendor took the opportunity to ask us to help her unload her car of a ‘few items’ as her arthritis made it difficult for her to do so. More than a few minutes later we had finally unloaded various boxes and bags from the car and boot which was full to the brim. It was a rather cheeky request which we did find amusing and I am pleased to say we were given the instruction to sell the house and she became one of our favourite clients.

4.Favourite film? It is hard to ignore a classic such as The Shawshank Redemption. Notting Hill is however a rarely confessed favourite of mine.

5.Which (if any) sports teams do you support? Being local it is has to be QPR, despite our troubles and woes over recent years. 

6.Favourite band/artist, album, and song? Favourite band would be Incognito. They are not widely known but certainly recommended! ‘Still a friend of mine’ and ‘Always there’ are good introductory songs of theirs.

7.Favourite food? Most Caribbean dishes.

8.What do you like doing outside of work? Any hobbies? Sea fishing and watching almost any sport rate highly on my list of pastimes, as does visiting and learning about country estates, houses and castles across the UK.

9.Best thing about working at Horton and Garton? The ethos created here and our being an independent agency allows us to carry out our chosen professional to a high standard and achieve great results for our clients but in a friendly and honest team which is rarely found in the industry and I believe is often why our clients chose to work with us.