H&G Spotlight Employee: Honor Ara

1.How long have you worked for Horton and Garton? I started working here as an apprentice in February 2011, and became a full time member of staff that April so just over two and a half years now. 

2.Where did you grow up and what did you do before H&G? I grew up in North London and moved to West London for secondary School, before H&G I was working as a nursery assistant in Hampstead.

3.Funniest Horton and Garton moment? I had tenants who had made an offer on a property however the landlords were not 100% sure as they had a Labrador. To reassure the landlords I called Foxtons to get a character reference for their dog, the property manager there sounded a little confused but after receiving an outstanding reference the tenancy went ahead and both tenants and landlord were very happy.

4.Favourite film? I am a huge fan of the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and love all of his films. 

5.Which (if any) sports teams do you support? My family are from up North and so I am a Leeds United fan.

6.Favourite band/artist, album, and song? Red Hot Chili Peppers would have to be my absolute favourite band, I have seen them live twice and have every single album of theirs. Favourite song of theirs would be Snow (Hey Oh)

7.Favourite food? At the moment it would have to be Thai food- the Thai Cafe next door is brilliant and is a favourite of everyone here at H&G.

8.What do you like doing outside of work? Any hobbies? I play for a netball league in White City and love going to gigs and concerts. I also love travelling and had the opportunity to go to Thailand last year where I was lucky enough to meet a tiger! (see below)

9.Best thing about working at Horton and Garton? I am very fortunate to be able to work with such a great team at H&G, everyone gets on really well and are always there to help should you need it.