H&G Spotlight Employee: James Beck

1.How long have you worked for Horton and Garton? It’s been just over a year now. 

2.Where did you grow up and what did you do before H&G? I’m originally from a small town in West Oxfordshire called Chipping Norton (you may know it as David Cameron and Jeremy Clarkson live nearby) but moved to London towards the end of 2012 to begin working at Horton and Garton. Before that I worked for a few months at a surveying company after completing my A-levels.

3.Funniest Horton and Garton moment? It would probably have to be the numerous times I’ve been asked if I’m on work experience (I’m not). Well, it’s funny for everyone else anyway!

4.Favourite film? I’m a big David Lynch fan and his first film Eraserhead has to be up there, but I think it might just be pipped to the post by School Of Rock; absolute classic.

5.Which (if any) sports teams do you support? A large proportion of my family are Arsenal supporters so I keep an eye on them but since moving to Hammersmith I also like to keep up to date with QPR.

6.Favourite band/artist, album, and song? A very hard question indeed… I’d say The Smiths are just about my favourite band, favourite album would have to be ‘Marquee Moon’ by Television and my favourite song is probably ‘Disorder’ by Joy Division. 

7.Favourite food? You can’t go wrong with Italian. Pasta, pizza, rissotto, tiramisu- all the best foods are Italian.

8.What do you like doing outside of work? Any hobbies? I spend most of my time outside of work doing something music related, be that playing, recording, listening, or going to gigs. Aside from that I also enjoy going to exhibitions and watching films. 

9.Best thing about working at Horton and Garton? As someone who spends virtually all of their time in the office it has the potential to be very boring and terdious. However, the staff and atmosphere in the office is great which really helps the time to fly by and make work an enjoyable place to be. Enjoying getting up and going to work often seems to be a rare thing so I count myself very lucky that I work for Horton and Garton.