H&G Spotlight Employee: Natalia Bublyk

1.How long have you worked for Horton and Garton? Just over 6 months now.


2.Where did you grow up and what did you do before H&G? I grew up in Western Ukraine and moved to London in 2000. Since then I have worked in various managerial positions before starting work at Horton and Garton.


3.Funniest Horton and Garton moment? After our recent win at The Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards a few of my colleagues were, shall we say, a little worse for wear which was funny for me to watch due to my evil sense of humour!


4.Favourite film? Probably ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’


5.Which (if any) sports teams do you support? Chelsea FC!


6.Favourite band/artist, album, and song? I’m not a big album person but my favourite band is Queen with my favourite song of theirs being ‘I Want To Break Free’.


7.Favourite food? A nice steak, medium rare.


8.What do you like doing outside of work? Any hobbies? I enjoy playing badminton and going out for nice meals with friends. I still love going out and exploring London to find little places which I’ve never seen or heard of before.


9.Best thing about working at Horton and Garton? It would have to be the camaraderie within the team and the atmosphere in the office.