H&G Spotlight Employee: Shane Hickey

1.How long have you worked for Horton and Garton? It’s coming up to around four and a half months now.


2.Where did you grow up and what did you do before H&G? I grew up in Waterford in Ireland and previously trained as a quantity surveyor.


3.Funniest Horton and Garton moment? We recently had a client called ‘Jose’ and when the Lettings Manager Ashley answered the phone with ‘Hey Jose’ I had to work very hard to contain my giggles. 


4.Favourite film? Hurt Locker.


5.Which (if any) sports teams do you support? I support Liverpool FC and Waterford in Hurling.


6.Favourite band/artist, album, and song? It would have to be Biffy Clyro, with my favourite album being ‘Only Revolutions’ by them and my favourite song ‘God and Satan’ which is taken from that album. Very boring but I’m a big fan! 


7.Favourite food? You can’t beat good Irish potatoes. Mashed would be my preference.


8.What do you like doing outside of work? Any hobbies? Anything sport related. Be that watching, playing, talking or thinking!


9.Best thing about working at Horton and Garton? As cheesy as it sounds, it’s like having a family away from home. Everyone in the office gets on so well it’s just a brilliant place to work.