Horton and Garton FC win their first match!


Horton and Garton FC vs Ealing Eagles

8 September 2012 – played at Rocks Lane Five-A-Side in Chiswick


Horton and Garton FC, a group of Year 9 boys who live in Hammersmith, Chiswick and Ealing, kicked off the season to a good start by beating Ealing Eagles 8-6.

Horton and Garton dominated the first half, moving the football speedily around their opponents. At half time, they were well up – 4 goals to 1, thanks largely to hat-trick by Joshua Chering.  He was well supported by the team, especially when Joe Kelly scored with a volley.

Commenting on the match, Ben Francis, captain of the group of friends, said: “We were really pleased with our start and this good win. The game was fast-paced and fun.

“In the second half, we lost a little focus and things looked tight at 5-3. But then we changed to a more defensive format and this saw us through to the close of the game, which we ended with two slick finishes from Daniel.”

Joshua Chering was awarded Man of the Match, due both to his hat-trick and strong defensive play.

“We are really pleased to be sponsored by Horton and Garton and have taken the estate agent’s name for our team.  We chose Horton and Garton because John Horton has over the years supported teams in the local community.  Horton and Garton supported St Peter’s cricket and football teams, both of whom have clocked up strong victories in Hammersmith leagues,” Ben added.

Horton and Garton FC will be playing Rivercourt Rangers on 14 September 2012.