Is it too early to declare that spring has arrived?

Spring has definitely sprung. Well, in my mind at least. The evidence can be found in St Peter’s Square, Westcroft Square, Furnivall Gardens, Brook Green and Wendell Park – the first blossoms are peeking out and the daffodils are making their way north. Colour is returning to the cheeks of our fair borough – and it’s about time!

Having two active children in the winter in London can be a logistical nightmare at times. Finding enough indoor activities around the capital, or even in your own home, can be a struggle – especially when it seems that every road in the borough is being dug up and closed for urgent repairs. We must now have the most well-appointed road and bridge network in West London!

But enough of my whingeing about Studland Street being closed, Shepherds Bush Green being closed, and the forthcoming nightly closures in Askew Road – all of these gripes belong in the dreary hours of winter. Here is spring. Let it roar.

Perhaps the re-appearance of the sun (remember that warm glowing thing?) accounts for why the Horton and Garton office is so busy right now. Sunshine really makes a difference to client’s attitudes to selling, renting and buying. So let’s hope this recent bout of fine weather lasts and we don’t have a frosty relapse to spoil the market – not to mention my rather chipper mood!

Having said that, my good mood will be pretty hard to ruin! That’s because we have just had a record start to the year in both sales and rentals. When you consider the appalling weather we have had, it is doubly pleasing – and I put it all down to all the hard work my excellent team have put in. 

We are now in a sellers and landlords market and we are experiencing exceptional demand for all properties, across all price ranges. The continued economic squeeze has not stopped cash-rich buyers from making deals and keeping the market ticking over, even if it means more and more local residents are having to stay in rented accommodation longer to save for a deposit, or are having to consider moving out of our leafy corner of London. Which is a shame, but the many different reasons people need to move home remains the same as previous years and prices remain buoyant. 

We are also seeing an increase in the volume of calls for people wishing to register and we are out on valuations and viewings every day. What we now require is an immediate increase in new properties both to rent and sell in order to satisfy the high demand we are currently experiencing.

Give Horton and Garton a ring or pop in to our office and put us to the test. We will be very happy to help and of course we will be smiling regardless of the weather!