Knock knock knocking on the wrong door…

Knock knock knocking on the wrong door

How unprofessional can an estate agent be? Well, even my lowest expectations were extended this week after an experience I had at an appointment with a vendor client.

After stopping by to discuss how the ongoing marketing of his property was progressing, we were just finishing our conversation when there came a knock at the door. Both he and I proceeded to the front door and what did we find? Not one, not two, but THREE agents ready to try and charm their way in and take advantage.

In all my years I have never seen such a shocking display of poor industry practice, bad manners and downright unprofessionalism – and all this from a large corporate agent! On this occasion it was an agent located close to us in Hammersmith, but only last month my colleague also reported a similar occurrence with a Chiswick based agent.

It is nefarious practices such as this which often give our industry such a poor name and if I had my way they would be outlawed in an instant. Once again, this highlights the need for mandatory regulation in our field and the adoption of professional and ethical practices in accordance with bodies such as ARLA and NAEA. For now though all I can do is write an official letter of complaint which, rest assured, I shall be doing in due course – watch this space for any further developments.

Never in a million years would I allow my staff to participate in door knocking for business. Hopefully all of our clients appreciate our commitment to ethical practice and to rejecting underhand tactics such as this.