Getting the Most Out of Rental Properties

Property rentals are a solid investment and can generate a substantial revenue stream. But, you have to make them pay. Here’s how.

Owners of rental properties are always looking for better ways to make them profitable, so they get a bigger return on their investment. But many people operating house rentals often fall into the trap of trying to save cash by doing it all themselves. This can result in lower overall revenue and make it difficult to advance a property portfolio.

Maintenance, for example, is just one issue with rental homes. Now that there’s a growing body of legislation covering house rentals and the conditions they must be in to keep tenants content and safe, it can be a full-time job trying to keep everything in shape.

If you have one or more rental homes, you might not consider yourself an actual landlord, at least in the traditional sense. But, according to the government, that’s exactly what you are. That means there is a whole raft of legal obligations you must comply with, or you could quickly find yourself in trouble.

Basics of House Rentals

In England and Wales, those with rental homes must ensure they are safe for people to live in and do not contain health hazards of any kind. All electrical equipment has to be constantly maintained and, if parts of it are being installed during a refurbishment, for example, it must be done safely.

Not only that, but rental homes also have to have an Energy Performance Certificate. Tenants’ deposits must be protected in a government-approved scheme and you must provide them with a printed or electronic copy (usually by email) of a how to rent checklist when they begin a tenancy. That’s after you have carried out a proper background check to see if they have the right to rent your property.

These necessary steps are only a small slice of being a landlord, but they can still easily leave the most enthusiastic rental property owner overwhelmed. That’s before they even consider dealing with all the taxation and regulations they must also comply with.

Finding the Right Investment Property

The Property Management Saviour

The most successful landlords operating in the UK today don’t get themselves all worked up and embroiled in endless official red tape and reams of frustrating paperwork. Instead, they leave it to the professionals and get on with their real interest of growing their property portfolios and turning a profit out of them.

Top property management companies (and we’re delighted to say that Horton and Garton’s new Chiswick office has just won Gold at the 2017 British Property Awards) are able to take over the entire running of rental properties, so their landlord clients can rest easy.

With us, there’s not even any need to worry about coming up with the money to pay us, as we don’t charge up-front fees. We’re paid when you are, simply by deducting our competitive fees from the rent. Now, you can have everything done; from initial appraisals to fixing minor and major elements of rental homes and making sure the rent is paid on time.

We’re fully ARLA accredited, giving you ultimate peace of mind, and our rental properties management service is squarely aimed at helping you to not only manage your house rentals, but to make your property portfolio grow.

Discover more about property management and how it can make rental homes pay better than ever. The friendly experts at Horton and Garton are available to talk to you, so get in touch today. You’ll be glad you did.