The Essential Guide to Letting a Property

Landlords new and established who are letting a property now have more options to assist them than ever before.

Letting a property is always an anxious time for any landlord, whether they’ve been in the business for decades or are just starting out. After all the time, effort and expense of finding a suitable property (and renovating it up to legally required standards), it’s finally time to get the tenants in and start the revenue flowing.

But, as any landlord surely knows, finding suitable tenants for their properties is a minefield. Horror stories abound. Angelic couples who looked like the perfect people to sign a rental agreement with can turn into true nightmares, as they trash the place and make endless unrealistic demands.

“I had a tenant remove the kitchen island and bring it outside by the pool because they needed an outdoor serving area,” lamented one poor landlord in a story of tenants behaving badly that can be all too common. Tenants can often have the view that the place is not theirs and neither are the items inside it, so they don’t care about them all that much, even if they damage or destroy them.

Letting a Property the Easy Way

So, how do you go about getting the right people when letting a house or flat? Doing it yourself can be an endless, frustrating chore. Plus, you have to make sure they’re satisfied, including by carrying out regular maintenance, so that they don’t up and leave when the rental agreement period is completed. Then, you have to start all over again.

Good tenants truly are worth their weight in gold. When they stay for long periods, there’s no disruption to landlords’ rental income or hassle and expense in trying to find new people. A vacant rental home is just like an empty aircraft sitting on the tarmac and going nowhere: it is not making any money and you need to have high levels of occupation to make it pay.

This is why top property management services have become so invaluable to landlords. They’re able to take over all the many tasks associated with running a property, so you don’t have to. It frees up landlords’ time and allows them to grow their portfolios — and they won’t even have to collect the rent themselves.

Landlords and Legal Requirements

Taking the Headaches out of Letting a Property

Professional property management services start with appraisals of a house or flat, locating the right people to rent it and even working out the most suitable rental agreement between landlords and the new occupiers. They will know, based on how the local rental market is performing, how much rent to charge and will carry out all the maintenance tasks required. At Horton and Garton, we have an outside-hours emergency number, so if something happens late at night, we’re on it straight away, with the best local tradesmen to fix the problem.

As there’s no up-front fee with our property management services, there’s nothing to worry about. We only get paid when you do, as our fee is deducted from the rent we collect for you. It’s also worth considering landlord insurance, however, as it covers damage that ordinary household insurance does not. You would need to speak to a registered FCA advisor about what products are available.

All this, then, is enough to put a radiant smile on the most hardened of landlord’s faces.

Talk to Horton and Garton today and find out why using our services when letting a property is the right move. You’ll make big savings on time, money and effort. Get in touch now!