Local Hammersmith Residents Association Update

News from Brackenbury Village

Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush feature various enclaves such as the beautiful Brackenbury Village. Knowing the importance of these “communities within communities” is part of what sets Horton and Garton apart. We live and work within the heart of our neighbourhoods and know what makes the fabric of our areas so unique. The Brackenbury Residents Association provides an essential channel of information about key events, issues, property planning concerns/plans and news within the Brackenbury Village area of Hammersmith.

Horton and Garton will be championing one of the upcoming events the BRA is highlighting in their May newsletter, The Great Get Together – a celebration of what west Londoners have in common. Stop by our King Street office on Friday 16th of June to buy a delicious baked goodie and help us support the Jo Cox Foundation and The Hub @ 75, our local Shepherds Bush food bank.

John Horton