Locals in fine voice

If you are ever out walking near St Peter’s Square in Hammersmith on a Tuesday evening, listen out for the sound of some incredible singing.

The Petros Singers are usually rehearsing and it’s hard not to be impressed. The 35-strong choir is celebrating its 30th year in fine voice with a concert in Covent Garden on Saturday, March 23.

They will be performing Handel’s oratorio Theodora from 7.30pm at St Paul’s Church in Bedford Street. For more details, visit: www.petrossingers.com


Speaking of locals in fine voice, QPR fans were feeling triumphant as they captured a much-needed victory at St Mary’s on Saturday. 

Harry Redknapp’s return to Southampton ended with the Hoops netting two goals and three points. Could this be the start of a rally to keep the team in the Premier League?

After having escaped the drop last season on the final day of the season, this year is looking even more fraught for local fans. 

But we should all be cheering on the Rs – because it helps keep house prices on the up in the North of the borough!

Playing in the top flight also means the club’s community trust has a lot more money to spend on its efforts to improve the local area and gives White City some infectious star power. 


As for local unsung heroes, my recent visit to renew my parking permit at Hammersmith Town Hall was an eye-opener. 

In the short time I was in the queue, I was astonished to see the abuse and vitriol slung at the ever-patient H&F staff. 

Where have good British manners gone, I wondered? 


And speaking of unexpected surprises, a local homeowner got a shock this week when they opened their front door. Or should I say, heaved open their front door! 

It was almost impossible to do it without force due to the huge amount of junk mail that had been deposited through the letterbox. Just look at the picture they sent me to see what accumulated in just one week! 

So if your house is on the market, it’s a good idea to visit it regularly to recycle all of the junk mail and make sure no rogue agents have set up advertisings board outside. It’s a turn-off for prospective buyers or tenants to see such litter inside or out.