Moving on up

Even estate agents have to move house. And no – it’s no more fun for us than anyone else. It was my turn last week. As a growing family of four with two boys under the age of five it was necessary to find a home with a bit more space. And fast! 

As Moving Day approached, I experienced the same whirlwind of emotions and pressures that our clients will be well acquainted with. The best decision was to use a professional moving company Golds Removals to pack, box and move our possessions a few streets to our new home in Hammersmith. Every day my team and I deal with buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords who are moving and trust me, I can understand blood pressures can go off the scale.

For me, I was dreading the trip up to the loft. I am not a great fan of my loft ladder – or more specifically, any ladder! If my wife asks me to go search for something I find a way to make myself busy and avoid the trip to the loft. I have never had a head for heights. During one viewing in a house in Hammersmith, I was almost injured by a client’s loft ladder that fell out of the loft in front of my potential buyers – just missing my head! 

But last week, try as I might, I could not escape the packing and steadily readied myself to empty the loft. While working in the confined space I managed to tweak my hamstring. Of course, my wife did not believe my injury! But at least the ladder was not responsible. 

I did, however, discover that packing our life into boxes proved to be an excellent chance to de-clutter. And the charity shops of King Street benefitted royally as we found clothes that had never been worn, books that had never been read and gifts that could better serve another family.

When Moving Day finally arrived, Golds came to the rescue. The firm came highly-recommended from several Horton and Garton clients and what a difference a professional service makes! They managed our move without complication or even one breakage.

It’s not fun to move house and thank goodness it’s a rare event. But if you have to move, at least seek some professional help. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing else to blame but the loft ladder.