Picture Perfect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that phrase could never be more true than when it comes to estate agency. 

As most people’s first introduction to a marketed property is now online through websites like Zoopla and Rightmove, and their first impression is based solely on the photographs listed, it is vitally important that the professionals are called in. If not, you may be left with the poor attempts of a wannabe-photographer estate agent.

You can see some genuine examples from amateurs and agents below. Unbelievably, some agents actually seem to think that pictures like this are a good representation of the property in question.

“A professional has had years of training and experience,” says professional property photographer Scott Clark, “It is second nature to know the best light, angles and height to photograph a certain room. Some agents opt to photograph a property on a standard compact camera or iPhone – couple this with inexperience and it makes for a far weaker image.” 

And the difference in results are plain to see, with one study finding that listings with professional photos generate an average of 139% more clicks when compared to similar listings without. 

But what about those unmodernised properties which are in a poor state of disrepair? How best to show those properties which are currently a bit of an eye sore? Many agents opt to take their own photos of unmodernised or dilapidated properties, but in fact these are often the ones which most need the professional treatment.

“Properties in a bad state or disrepair can be tricky but there are a few things that help,” explains Scott, “Firstly, you really want to see the full size of each room as with unmodernised properties it is really the space you are interested in.” 

“Secondly, removing any unwanted items to make the room look presentable is essential. This will give a much cleaner image and stop the viewer’s eye from being drawn to clutter.” 

“And lastly, lighting is the key. The word photography in Latin means “drawing with light” and so if you can light the room perfectly it will look much more inviting, even in an unmodernised state.”

When a property has some obvious flaws it can also often be far better to show these fully instead of trying to cover them up with camera trickery. Many prospective developer-buyers will actually want to see all of the gruesome details as the worse the condition, the more potential there is to renovate.