Six in Seven – Summer Sales Success for Horton and Garton

At Horton and Garton, we’re not at sixes and sevens. To the contrary, we’ve agreed six sales in seven days! In a market where our competition’s stock stagnates, our happy clients are on the move and we’ve had our busiest week of the year… in July! Our very own West London sales dynamo, Phil Coombes, has led the charge to achieve the six sales in seven days. He says, “Sunday is our day of rest, so that explains why it’s not seven in seven! We hear that many of our competitors haven’t agreed a sale in weeks but we continue to buck the trend and reconfirm our position as West London’s market leader. Summer is historically the quietest period of the year for sales so why are we so busy? I don’t want to give away too many of the trade secrets but the combination of being personable, honest and having the market insight – with the hard facts and figures to back up that insight – is the key.”

How do we do it? Our Director John Horton says it’s no state secret, “We work harder than our competition. Many agencies have targets for listings – we don’t. If we list your property, it’s not a box ticking exercise, we absolutely intend to sell it.” He also notes that it’s down to the team, “Our negotiators are experienced and the best in West London. With 90 years of combined experience in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and Chiswick, we have an intimate knowledge of each area, each road. This means that when we value your property, we provide the most accurate insight and get the price right from the first day of marketing. Sales success is directly linked to pricing perfectly from the outset and this has been statistically proven time and time again. Don’t waste your time with an agency that inflates the price of your property then tries to drive the price down in subsequent weeks and months. You’re statistically less likely to achieve your home’s real value and the A1 calibre, willing and able buyers will think you’re not serious about selling. Unlike most agencies, we take the time to get to know our buyers – what are their priorities, are they just looking or truly proceedable and ready to move – so we can deftly match quality buyers to the right properties. If the price is correct from minute one, you’ll achieve a buzz and have buyers competing for your property. Overprice by even 5% and you’ll actively discourage those buyers from viewing your property.”

Honesty, ethical practice, integrity, professionalism and a client-focused approach to each transaction have made us market leaders in Hammersmith, Chiswick and Shepherds Bush. For a valuation of your property, call our Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush team on 020 8819 0510 or our Chiswick team on 020 8996 5120.