Stay calm and brew up

LAST time around I mentioned the heat- not just the weather but the scorching local property market. I have now taken it one step further though; after a well-deserved family holiday I returned to Hammersmith with a plan – to install a boiling water tap in the office!

I know, it’s not exactly cold outside this summer so it’s a weird time to fixate on hot beverages. But the Horton and Garton army marches on its stomach, and with a growing office I had noticed just how cumbersome the tea round was becoming – a double boil at the very least!

So, I made the call and next thing I knew we had the office transforming ‘PG Tips’ into ‘HG Tips’ and so far, it’s paid off. Because while summertime is traditionally sleepy enough to curl up with a warm cuppa and catch a few winks, these past few weeks have been close to their own boiling point.

A handful of completions, a couple of sales agreed, and seven deals last week alone in the lettings- if I could read the tea leaves for the rest of the year, I’m expecting it to stay just as piping hot as the summer too.

So much so that I’ve hired three more members of staff. Now I just need to find a better method for deciding who’s turn it is to clean all of the office tea cups.

Of course, one other great thing about the burgeoning office is it shows that the business is growing, which in turn of course indicates success. When I started the business six years ago there were only four of us in the office. Now it’s a grand total of 11 including dedicated members of staff for advertising and property management. How far we’ve come!

But we’ve had to keep up with the red hot market locally. Just look at the huge number of changes to the area, with schemes big and small popping up from developers across the borough.

The new block of flats in Paddenswick Road are on the up, and I know local parents can’t wait to see what the new John Betts nursery is going to look like in that development. Then there’s the big plan for Brook Green seeing the former Ford plant and Grade II-listed self-storage building transformed into a glass-roofed mega office. The council recently approved plans to allow the new tenants – retail experts dunnhumby – to add three floors and create a curved glass roof. Signing a 15-year lease for the entire 115,000sqft building is a positive sign for booming Hammersmith. Our cups runneth over!