The bed under the stairs

Young graduate in shock over London rental prices

When searching for accommodation within her £500 per month budget, Ms Lomax, 24, couldn’t believe how little her money would get her.

One ‘room’, which turned out to be the understairs cupboard, was being advertised for £500 per month. Ms Lomax took to social media to vent her digust at the types of listing on the market.

The shocked young graduate said “I was obviously shocked but was all too polite, I think”, she said. “I wish I’d been more angry because it’s clearly ridiculous and I’m annoyed at myself for basically just making my excuses.”

With the ever increasing prices of the London housing market, young people are finding it harder and harder to find somewhere affordable to stay.

There are guidelines set out to protect tenants renting rooms and proporties that both parties should follow.

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