The Price is Right

According to the Telegraph, UK homes are on the property market an extra month due to “greedy” sellers”.
The average property takes a month longer to sell than it would have done four years ago, figures show, as homeowners are attempting to exploit huge price increases.
UK homes are now on the market for an average of 91 days, up 33 days from 58 days in 2012 according to a report from The Post Office. The longer time periods spent on the market before an offer is made have arisen despite the demand appearing to soar to an all time high.

Experts put the phenomenon down to “greedy” sellers demanding unrealistic prices for homes. Unlike in the past where many have been eager for a quick sale, higher financial rewards mean they are now prepared to let properties sit on the market for longer, until someone is willing to stump up the cash.

In London where house prices have risen the fastest selling periods have dramatically lengthened from 32 days in 2012 to 89 days in 2016.

Too many high street estate agents still continue over valuing properties at unrealistic prices, and it’s their lack of experience which is costing their clients time and money.
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