There has never been a better time to own a property in Shepherds Bush

Over the past few decades, that has not always been the case as the area tended to be harder hit by recessions than other parts of west London. Until now. The difference? Shopping of course! Westfield’s arrival in White City has completely changed the perception of W12 by outsiders, revolutionised the public transport infrastructure and offered new jobs and increased footfall to local businesses. Which makes the news of Westfield’s planned expansion – yes, it’s getting bigger, much bigger! – even more of a coup to homeowners.

As the BBC steadily trickles out of the borough, it is taking the pressure off the red-hot west London property market and allowing Westfield the potential to expand. While the plans have yet to be approved, the scheme could see 1,700 new homes and 500,000sqft of retail space added to the northern side of the shopping centre. The expansion would also create a new park, as well as pedestrian-friendly areas to link the old and new centres. Better yet? John Lewis is rumoured to be the flagship store for the new site. Who needs the West End?

If that doesn’t bode well for insulating house prices in Shepherds Bush from just about any nasty economic shock, there is more good news on the horizon. Imperial College is set to build a huge new campus in White City, which saw them spend an eye-watering £28million for the freehold. Construction should be finished in the autumn and will house more than 600 postgraduates. This it means more money spent in our local economy by those brainy students – and businesses around the Green should be rubbing their hands in joy.

In 2014, a new 240-bed luxury hotel, restaurant and gym will open on Shepherds Bush Green, just after the council (finally…) tarts up the Green itself. Want more? Well, it’s further off in 2026, but the High Speed Rail 2 terminus in Old Oak means the area will be even better connected and the investment in infrastructure, housing, retail and jobs will further protect W12 from any nasty economic shocks.

With excellent primary schools, improving secondary schools, and the potential of a new stadium for QPR to be built at the dairy site in Wood Lane (yes, the same one that caught on fire recently), there is no better time to call Shepherds Bush home.

If you are looking for a W12 property come talk to us, as there are plenty of homes still priced very reasonably for a stake in the new ‘West End’.