Vanessa Redgrave joins Hammersmith Society in 50th birthday party

The Hammersmith Society is 50!

And to help celebrate, actress and local resident Vanessa Redgrave kicked off their AGM party on Wednesday night at the Corinthians Sailing Club.

It’s a coup for the Hammersmith Society.

I am a member. And I strongly support the group’s work to promote a public interest in local architecture and the environment.

As an estate agent, I see the result of development – both good and bad – every day and also how it affects our community.

Vanessa knows a thing or two about giving back to the local community after her educational trust built the lovely Vanessa Nursery School in Shepherds Bush in 1973.

It was also interesting to see who was singled out for praise by the Society in their annual awards – and who got dissed!

The big award went to The Treacle Factory, in Goodwin Road, Shepherds Bush (pictured below).

Recently renovated by Guy Greenfield Architects, the building was praised for linking a bit of old and a bit of new. And hey, it looks cool. You can sip a pint at the Crown & Sceptre across the street and check it out.

It was also great to see St Peter’s Church in Hammersmith get the nod for its work to restore its windows. The conservation works took the church back to its appearance in 1825! (Pictured below)

And the council even got a pat on the back for its work with the London Community Foundation to improve Goldhawk Road and remove a lot of old railings, plant trees and improve crossings in the street. Good news for pedestrians and motorists. (Pictured below)

But – not everyone was a winner!

The huge developer St George got the Society’s dreaded wooden spoon award their scheme in Hammersmith Embankment. And they do have a point.

Not only has it cut off riverside access – which is only temporary, to be fair – it was panned for not undertaking archaeological research (every heard of Time Team, guys?) or its nasty looking marketing suite.

Love it or hate it, this area is certainly changing and it’s great to see the Hammersmith Society keeping a beady eye on the progress. Let’s hear it for another 50 years!

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