The view from HQ – an update

The view from our King Street office hasn’t changed for many months but progress is just around the corner. The leader of LBHF has set up a new resident-led Town Hall Development Commission which is made up of LBHF residents with expertise in building design who have long taken an interest in the previous Town Hall schemes. Cllr Stephen Cowan has confirmed the first meetings have already taken place and they have kindly agreed to work with and guide council officers and our administration on this project.

Some features of the new scheme brief include:
– It will be within the massing and height restrictions of the former agreed scheme
– It will deliver a new cinema and new offices that can be used by the council and as affordable, flexible office space for start-up entrepreneurs
– The buildings and public spaces will be designed to a high architectural standard that lifts the character of King Street and opens the public space around Hammersmith Town Hall
– It will have a high proportion of genuinely affordable homes for local residents
– It will be an environmentally positive scheme.
Steve is keen to hear the views of local residents and a wider series of public consultations will begin in earnest this month. Email the council on to register your interest in coming to one of the consultations.