When selling or renting, a picture tells a thousand words


Kerb appeal. What does it mean?

It’s the term used by owners, buyers and estate agents to help shape the first impression of a home, its location and positioning in the street before you have set foot through the front door.

Kerb appeal could be the flowering wisteria in the front garden, the period detail of a house from its windows to the front door, hallway or well-manicured front garden or hedge.

Often I hear that buyers make their minds up on a property within eight seconds of walking through the front door. They then spend the next two minutes confirming that their initial reaction was right or wrong.

Today the importance of the internet portals and online advertising is even more crucial in listing property for sale or rent. When pictures can really tell a thousand words for me it is vital and almost non-negotiable that clients homes are represented with professional photography.

Here’s why. According to expert property photographer Scott Clark, how the property looks and its kerb appeal is one of the most important factors in people’s minds when they are looking for a property.

And there are just a few tricks of the trade to make it work for you. Scott says: “My job is to make the room looking look its best by taking shots at certain angles and using clever lighting techniques to maximise the property’s potential.

“Potential buyers/tenants are drawn to uncluttered, tidy and well-dressed rooms. While rooms may be bright and bold, there are steps you can take to make your room more appealing to a wider audience. For example, in a bedroom you can use a plain bedsheet to break up the room and give the appearance of more space.

“Also, small changes like removing washing up liquid bottles, sponges and cleaning products from rooms is a must. It makes the kitchen work top look better and minimises distractions.

“Flowers are also a great addition to any shot of a room as they add colour, make a room look fresh and people are drawn to a room looking nice.

“With such a high demand for space in London the photographs have to show the rooms size at its very best, often people looking to buy/let a property will base their whole decision on the size of the rooms and then they can put their own touches on a home afterwards.

“Undoubtedly, photographs are the key to drawing in the viewers. With the whole world able to browse several houses per minute, it means that if the photographs don’t stand out and show the best side of a property, it’s bound to get kicked to the kerb.”

Scott Clark is the official photographer of Horton and Garton. To sell or let your property with Horton and Garton, call 020 8819 0510