Living in Hammersmith

The prospects of living in Hammersmith is becoming increasingly popular, with the W6 postcode being more and more desirable as the years go by. As with many other urban areas close to central London, the borough is seeing increasing attention due to recent property developments and the desires of young professionals and families to put down roots outside of the city centre. Hammersmith is one of the primary areas we serve here at Horton and Garton. Find out all you need to know about this up-and-coming district with our complete guide to living in Hammersmith.

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W6 Hammersmith Area Guide

Where is Hammersmith Exactly?

Hammersmith is one of the major districts of Greater London and can be found in West London, bordering Fulham, Chiswick, Shepherd’s Bush and Kensington. Not far from Richmond Park, and within easy reach of the city centre, its south edge sits on the River Thames.

Is Hammersmith Safe?

Hammersmith is known to be one of the safest residential areas of London. Away from the petty crime that impacts the tourist-centric regions of the capital, it’s a quiet and peaceful area that attracts a stable and affluent community, minimising the risk of more serious criminal activity. Of course, this is a city suburb, and crime does exist. However, violent crime is rare, with most incidents related to theft. Overall, Hammersmith is considered to be a very safe place to live, which is one of the reasons it’s so attractive to young families.

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Is Hammersmith a Nice Area to Live?

Hammersmith has a bit of a reputation for concrete streets and concrete walls, but this is only really evident in the older areas of the district that have yet to face the refurbishment many other spaces have.

Hammersmith is starting to become known for being a great first choice Zone 2 West London location to live in that is very close to central London.

It’s got plenty of green spaces, new builds mixed with interesting classic London turn of the century architecture, as well as being situated on the River Thames to add an extra bit of charm. Many residents find themselves down by the water in the summer months, wandering around and taking in the views, grabbing a bite to eat and drink, or running in the fresh air.

Schools in Hammersmith

Being a pleasant, safe place to live with great commuting options (see below) it’s no surprise that Hammersmith is particularly attractive to families. But what about the schools in Hammersmith — do they meet the high standards you are looking for?

There are three major primary schools sought after in the area, John Betts, Brackenbury and St Peter’s which are excellent educational establishments rated outstanding by Ofsted. There are still lots of great options for primary education including St. Stephen’s and West London Free School Primary (WLFS). There are 38 primary schools in Hammersmith and Fulham.

As for secondary and sixth-form colleges in Hammersmith and Fulham, there are some great options, too. West London Free School, Lady Margaret School, Sacred Heart High School and Hurlingham Academy all rate above average in terms of student progression by government data. Hammersmith and Fulham also have a reputation for private schools. Ravenscourt Park PreparatoryLatymer Upper, Godolphin & Latymer, St Paul’s Girls and St James Senior are known to be some of the best paid-for educational establishments in all of London.

Hammersmith Travel Links

As you’d expect from a Zone 2 West London district so close to Central London, the transport links throughout Hammersmith are excellent. In fact, it’s one of the best-connected districts in all of the capital. Three different tube lines run through Hammersmith, as well as a huge bus station, which essentially acts as a central hub for buses going all around the city.

Whether you are travelling north, south, east or west, it doesn’t matter — there is a simple and easy transport link for you in Hammersmith. Hammersmith is outside the congestion charge zone, and the roads are usually quite free-flowing, so driving isn’t a problem either. You can also get a direct underground connection to Heathrow, via the Piccadilly Line, which is handy for business travel and holidays!

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Pubs in Hammersmith

Hammersmith is not known as a party district of London and is short on trendy clubs and bars. That does not, however, mean you cannot have a great night out as a local living in Hammersmith.

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There are plenty of great pubs in Hammersmith. You’ll find many along the main road of King Street, which, with the easy transport links, are easy to reach and the best pubs and restaurants located in the back streets of the Brackenbury Village, Ravenscourt Park and Stamford Brook— making getting home simple. The most popular spots, however — particularly in the summer — are down by the river. The Dove, The Rutland, Old Ship Pub, The Blue Anchor and the Blue Boat are all spread out nicely along the bank of the Thames, making for excellent places to spend the evening during the warmer months.

As for restaurants, there is an eclectic mix of culinary delights in this corner of London. Hammersmith residents enjoy everything from vegan specialists to dishes from around the globe. Of particular note are places like the Michelin starred and world-famous River Cafe, The Gate, Indian Zing, L’Amorosa as well as Saigon Saigon and 101 Thai Kitchen and Toro Gordo. Truly, Hammersmith is an exceptional place for restaurants, able to compete with any district of the city when it comes to dining options. In total, you’ll find more than 100 restaurants, cafes and eateries crammed into this relatively small section of Greater London.

Things to Do in Hammersmith: What Can You Get up to While Living in Hammersmith?

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Most of Hammersmith is urban, but there are exceptions. Ravenscourt Park is a large public park and garden space full of lovely trees, open grass spaces, a lake and a children’s lido area. Have a look at the new Ravenscourt Park Tree Trail, the park contains over 600 documented trees and this trail includes 25 of the rarest, oldest and most interesting. There are also plenty of open spaces and green areas down by the river, allowing anyone who enjoys a bit of greenery and nature to soak up a taste of the outside world. You’ll also find a multitude of outdoor cafes and coffee houses to while away an afternoon, sipping artisan brews and reading your favourite book.

Sports and Recreation

You’ll find plenty of options for sports and recreational activities while living in Hammersmith. The district is home to numerous leisure centres with classes, gyms and sports clubs. Ravenscourt Park also sports outdoor tennis courts, football pitches, basketball and netball courts, and more. With local swimming pools available, squash courts, organised boot camps and martial arts groups, the fitness community is alive and thriving and you’ll struggle not to find whatever it is you are looking for.

Shopping in Hammersmith

Hammersmith is home to both Kings Mall and Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre. These locations offer ample opportunities for shopping, featuring all your favourite high-street brands and stores. You’re also very close to the massive Westfield Shopping Mall in Shepherd’s Bush.

While there are great options for big-name retail, Hammersmith isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for indie-stores and boutique shops. While there are a few small businesses, it’s more of a place for household brands. For recreational shoppers, you may want to head for a day out into other areas of London, but when living in Hammersmith, the options of shopping are great for getting everything you need quickly and easily.

Entertainment Venues

We’ve all heard of the Hammersmith Apollo, the legendary theatre venue that hosts countless TV shows, entertainment productions and music concerts. The location has seen acts like Queen, David Bowie, Oasis and Kylie Minogue grace its stage, and still attracts major names every year. Outside of the Hammersmith Apollo, the rest of the district boasts an even wider range of live venues, playing host to everyone from massive international stars to indie artists and unknown comedians. There are so many options for live entertainment while living in Hammersmith that you are spoilt for choice; it’s the perfect location for anyone who enjoys a bit of art and culture.

What is Property in Hammersmith Like?

In Hammersmith, you’ll find a range of property that includes a mixture of riverside locations, terraces, flats and apartments with great views, modern builds, older period houses, semi-detached houses, and detached and big family homes.

There is something for everyone in Hammersmith.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is the fourth most expensive borough in London after City of Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Camden so property in Hammersmith may not be cheap, although prices do become fairer towards some areas of Shepherd’s Bush and North Fulham. In terms of prices in the UK, it’s of course on the high side, being a West London district so close to the city centre. As far as London goes though, Hammersmith is mid-range and offers more affordable suburban houses for those interested in the urban areas around the city.

Ask Our Hammersmith Estate Agents: Should You Move to Hammersmith? 

Hammersmith is the perfect location for families, London commuters and individuals looking for a suburban London lifestyle in a safe and quiet region of the city. While Hammersmith has great schools, fun venues and places to relax and unwind, it’s not got the trend-setting vibes of Soho or the vibrancy and party life of Shoreditch or Brixton.

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We recommend Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush and Chiswick nearby, for a peaceful and easy-going atmosphere that isn’t short on additional factors that add a bit of extra spark to life. Hammersmith has got everything you need and more if you want to live in the city, but don’t like the crowded central environment or late-night 24/7 lifestyle.

It’s the perfect slice of residential life.

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