Property Management

Professional and Efficient

Tenants are increasingly specifying that a property is professionally managed to ensure the property is maintained to a certain standard, that issues are dealt with swiftly and that there is an intermediary point of contact.

For landlords, the task of efficiently managing a rental property can be challenging with the increased levels of paperwork, licensing, and regulations to comply with and the out of hours requests for assistance that can arise. A professional property management service can be a favourable option for landlords. 

Horton and Garton’s expert, and qualified team offer an exceptional property management service to landlords across all of West London.

Dedicated Individual Property Management

Each of the properties in our property management portfolio is looked after by one of our experienced Property Managers meaning each of our landlords has one consistent point of contact.

We pride ourselves in having a far lower number of properties per member of the team. Each Property Manager oversees around just 80 properties, which is almost half of the industry average. This allows for closer management of each property and peace of mind for landlords, knowing who to contact when they need assistance.

Letting agent management
Property Management

Regular Inspections

With the ability to manage each individual property more closely, our team conduct property inspections twice a year.

These inspections include a written report and update for the landlord with photos of the property offering a landlord regular insight and comfort that their property is being well taken care of by the professionals they’ve entrusted with the task.

24 hours a day 365 days a year

Our emergency cover means that both tenants and landlords can rest assured that when the unforeseeable happens and they need out of hours assistance, there is support in place to help in that time of need.

Property management

Let us do the hard work for you

The task of managing a rental property has become increasingly cumbersome for landlords in recent years. Additional regulations and new industry standards mean that there is now considerable paperwork and reporting that must be carried out to ensure a property is let in accordance with the law.

Whether you’re based locally or are some distance away, the time and effort now required to effectively manage a rental property have left many seeking a professional management team to run their rental property smoothly on their behalf.

Property Management by Horton and Garton

To discuss how we can help manage your West London property please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.