Cookie Policy


Our website uses multiple cookies. Please read this policy carefully as it contains important information regarding Cookie use on our site, to help give you an understanding of how and why Cookies are used. 

What is a Cookie? 

Cookies are small files or blocks of data that contain letters and numbers which get stored within a web browser that we can retrieve or access at a later date. They are used to tell the server that a user has returned to the site, allowing them to display targeted content and selected settings. 

These cookies allow us to distinguish website users from one another in a way that doesn’t use personal information, by creating and assigning a random and anonymous number. The information provided by Cookie’s helps us to provide visitors with a better service and more personalised experience. 

Here is an example of what a typical cookie looks like that is used to track the number of visitors to our website: 

Name                  _ga 

Value                  GA1.3.399091288.1615932908 


Expires               Thu, 11 May 2023 09:16:31 GMT 

NO personal information is recorded. 

What Cookies do we use? 

The main types of Cookies used on our site are what are known as ‘analytical’ or ‘functional’ Cookies. Functional Cookies allow us to operate the site in line with your preferences, improving its overall performance and functionality. Analytics Cookies recognise and count the number of users on our website as well as information on how long they stay and which parts are most visited, allowing us to see how they move around the site. 

The information gathered by Cookies help us to improve our website and the way it works. Data on things such as the exit rate of a page can show us if people are moving off quickly which might mean that it needs to be updated or reworked. If there is a page that is very popular, we can tweak the website to make sure it is more easily reached. 

From time to time, we may also run tests on various areas and aspects of our website to see which variation provides a better response. This could be using a small button verses a big button, a different menu layout or wording. The results of these tests are designed to improve the site and provide visitors with a better service. 

We also use cookies to interact with our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This means that if you decide to share or ‘Like’ one of our pages, a Cookie will allow you to seamlessly link to our website, direct from your Facebook status. This also gives us an idea as to what social platforms are the best for communicating with our visitors. 

What to do now? 

  • Disallowing Cookies 

If you want to restrict or block the Cookies set by our website, then you are of course welcome to opt-out. Please be aware that in doing so, there may be some parts of the website that no longer work, which can have a negative effect on your user experience. 

  • Allowing Cookies 

If you are happy for Cookies to be used and would like to use all of this site’s facilities as they were intended, please click ALLOW COOKIES at the bottom of this page.