Tips for Landlords

Know your lettings market

Location, time of the year, the condition of the property and upcoming changes to the area such as local developments or new home building all affect the speed and value at which a property can be let.

During our free lettings market appraisal our Lettings Manager will provide guidance on the rental amount you can expect to achieve in the current market, how to achieve the best possible rental terms and measures you could take to ensure you know your market and avoid any potential pitfalls.

A neutral décor suits all tastes

The best way to present a rental property is to keep it simple. Furnishing and décor does not have to be expensive. You have to remember that your own personal taste isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

By using neutral paints and flooring you’ll make your property feel larger and brighter. It’s also essential you ensure all appliances are in full working order and whenever ppossible that the house is professionally cleaned throughout before it hits the rental market.

Local to Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush

Selecting an agent with local knowledge makes a lot of sense. Someone who knows the area and what local people are looking for will usually provide the best results.

At Horton and Garton, the team has over 40 years of residential agency experience right here in the Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and surrounding areas. Drawing on our experience of working with other homes in your immediate area will give us the head start in finding that ideal tenant and securing best terms for the next tenancy of your property.

Keeping your tenants

Avoid a void. Having a property empty for even a short time can get expensive, that is why it is important to keep your tenants happy. A management agency that will deal with maintenance and building issues quickly can save you both time and money.

Your finances

Before you even begin down the path of buying a rental property assess your finances, and ensure you’ll be able to cover the worst-case scenarios. You’ll need enough capital to put down a deposit, make your mortgage repayment and any unexpected extras.

Understand the regulations (or make sure you use a team who does)

Tenant agreements, regulations and rights can be complicated and daunting. If an agreement has not been drawn up properly, you could find yourself out of pocket and faced with an expensive and time-consuming situation.

The easiest and most secure way to make sure the law is on your side is to contract a lettings management team to run things for you. Makes sure they are ARLA qualified – that is the professional body for letting agents in the UK.

Find out how Horton & Garton’s full service management team can help you

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Tips for Landlords
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