Coffee shops in West London

Coffee Shops in West London

We’re truly spoiled for coffee shops in West London; from cosy hideouts to airy warehouse spaces and even places that sell records too. 

Here we highlight some of our favourite local coffee shops in West London. 

Coffee Shops in Hammersmith

There are a number of coffee shops in Hammersmith that absolutely feature on our list of top places to visit for a hot drink or even a breakfast bake here in West London. 

Daily Shot Warehouse, Hammersmith

Location: Aldensley Road, Brackenbury Village

Positioned in the heart of Brackenbury Village, Daily Shot Warehouse is a bright and airy space with a good outside area too. With a real passion for coffee, the owners have curated a selection of beans and blends to suit all tastes. 

Coffee Station, Hammersmith

Location: King Street

Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee alongside a range of mouth-watering pastries and breakfast classics at Coffee Station, a delightful family-run coffee shop in the heart of Hammersmith. With the interior adorned with lush plants, the coffee shop is perfect for coffee and plant enthusiasts and provides visitors with a serene and relaxing atmosphere to unwind and recharge.

Artisan Coffee, Hammersmith

Location: King Street, near Stamford Brook station

With its dedication to craft and quality, Artisan ensures every cup is a masterpiece. An independent chain who focus on specialty coffees, Artisan has fast found a strong following and is a popular choice with locals here in West London. 

Artisan Coffee

Electric Coffee, Hammersmith

Location: King Street

Electric is a cosy coffee shop serving delicious coffee, alongside a selection of freshly baked pastries to savoury sandwiches. With its warm ambience and friendly staff, not to mention its hidden garden, it is an ideal spot to enjoy a coffee and savour some of its tasty treats.

The Elderpress Cafe, Hammersmith

Location: S Black Lion Ln

A beautifully designed space near the river in Hammersmith, The Elderpress Café is a wonderful place to pick up a coffee before a stroll along the river or stop in for one of their seasonal dishes. 

Coffee shops in W6

Coffee Shops in Chiswick

It was almost impossible to pin down a list of coffee shops in Chiswick without feeling we had missed one of our favourites; here are the highlights:

Tamp Coffee, Chiswick

Location: Devonshire Road

Tamp is one of the area’s leading speciality coffee shops together with also being a well-recognised apparel brand. Importing and roasting their own beans, Tamp Coffee is a place locals frequent for the unique blend.  

Coffee shops in Chiswick
Credit: Tamp Coffee

Chief Coffee, Chiswick

Location: Turnham Green Terrace Mews

As the name suggests, Chief Coffee stands as a titan of taste. Pairing speciality coffees with vintage pinball machines, this spot offers a unique blend of nostalgia and excellent coffee. 

Rhythm and Brews, Chiswick

Location: Walpole Gardens

Living up to its name, this establishment strikes a chord with live music events paired with coffee brews that dance on your palate. Combining great coffee, food and music, customers can grab a coffee and choose a vinyl to be added to the playlist.  

Coffee shops in W4
Credit: RWRDApp

Heisenberg Coffee Co, Chiswick

Location: Bedford Road

Named after the iconic physicist, Heisenberg serves up a precise coffee experience. Its sleek design and emphasis on quality make every cup an experiment in excellence – One review online says ‘It is any Coffee connoisseur’s dream.’ 

Post Room Coffee, Chiswick

Location: Bedford Corner

A cosy café with considerable outdoor seating, Post Room Coffee is a popular coffee shop in West London but also serves a select seasonal menu which varies depending on the available ingredients. 

The Post Room | Bedford Park
Credit: Post Room Coffee Shop

Chudo Coffee, Chiswick

Location: Turnham Green

One of the newest coffee shops in West London and perhaps one of the more unique offerings; Chudo Coffee serves Colombian blend from their paired phone boxes which have been transformed into a coffee shop. 

Dear Coco, Chiswick 

Location: Strand on the Green

Dear Coco has fast become one of the most recognisable features along our stretch of the River Thames. A speciality street coffee business run from a converted Piaggio Apé, whilst not strictly a ‘coffee shop’ it’s somewhere any coffee lover must visit. 

Read our interview with Anthony Duckworth, Owner of Dear Coco here, to find out more about this sought-after coffee destination.

Dear Coco | Strand on the Green
Credit: Dear Coco

Coffee Shops in Shepherd’s Bush

Whilst many coffee shops in Shepherd’s Bush are the larger globally recognised brands, there are some independent retailers dotted across W12 worth mentioning. 

Electric Coffee Shop, Shepherd’s Bush

Location: Goldhawk Road

Just a short walk from Goldhawk Road, Electric serves popular coffee and being arranged over 3 floors there are places to sit with friends and corners to work away from home. The venue offers a vast variety of brews, from flat whites to beetroot lattes and a selection of teas – the menu is extensive. They also serve food throughout the day. 

Next Door Records, Shepherd’s Bush

Location: Uxbridge Road

A fusion of vintage records and freshly brewed coffee, this spot is perfect for music aficionados and coffee lovers. You can sip your favourite latte while browsing through an impressive vinyl collection. There are also often music events here at Next Door Records – check out their channels to learn more. 

Coffee shops in West London

There’s no end to the coffee culture across Chiswick, Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush and residents have an incredible selection of coffee shops in West London to choose from. Though it is often the case that locals become quite passionate about their one favourite place to stop at regularly. 

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