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Schools In Chiswick: Where To Live Nearby

When looking for a property within the W4 postcode, families’ decisions are often driven by the proximity to Chiswick schools. In this blog, we highlight some of the most popular schools in Chiswick and where to live nearby. 

West London is known to be an exceptionally popular place for families to put down roots – attracted to the area for the many green spaces, convenient transport connections, beautiful family homes and not least for the educational establishments.

Belmont Primary School

Located on Belmont Road, just off of Chiswick High Road, Belmont Primary School is centrally located and one of the most popular state primaries in W4, catering to children aged 3 to 11 and most recently rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Due to its popularity, parents who wish to secure a place need to be only a short distance away. Being in central Chiswick means there are many areas of W4 which are within walking distance of Belmont Primary School including some roads in the southern part of Bedford Park and in the Borders area and the Gunnersbury area roads such as Arlington Gardens, Walpole Gardens and Burlington Road.

Centrally located homes off the high road are also within the Priority Admission Area for Belmont, roads such as Mayfield Avenue and Elliot Road near to Turnham Green Terrace.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Located on Duke Road, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a well-regarded Catholic Voluntary Aided School, the catchment area is large and includes the entirety of W4. In the instance that the school is oversubscribed for admissions, as is often the case, the school takes the child’s faith into consideration.

With homes across all of Chiswick being within catchment it’s likely that distance from the school simply for ease of the daily drop off and collection is important to parents. Nearby roads on which you can find beautiful period homes include much of the Glebe Estate such as Dale Street and Quick Road. Large homes can be found nearby on Dukes Avenue and Barrowgate Road which often have off street parking and generous gardens.

Grove Park Primary School

Grove Park Primary School is located in the heart of Grove Park on Nightingale Close, just off of Grove Park Terrace which was most recently rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

The school is incredibly popular with local families. Grove Park is a particularly popular place for families to live due to the large family homes, access to green spaces, the river nearby and easy transport connections with Chiswick mainline and the A4 nearby.

Terraced period homes such as those on St Mary’s Grove are just a few minutes’ walk from the school.

Strand-on-the-Green School

Just moments from the River Thames, Strand-on-the-Green School is particularly well-regarded by local families and has been awarded high ratings by Ofsted over the years.

The school is split in two with the Infant and Nursery School taking children from 3 years and the Junior School from 7 years old. The Infant and Nursery School was most recently rated Outstanding by Ofsted with the report using the phrase “it is a very good school”.

Nearby there are several wonderful roads on which to put down roots with a family including Hearne Road which is very nearby. Houses on Magnolia Road and Riverview Road are also desirable places to live. The priority Admission Area for Strand-on-the-Green stretches as far as the Great Chertsey Road so it includes the large semi-detached and detached houses found on Hartington Road and the roads leading off Hartington such as Kinnaird Avenue.

Southfield Primary School

At the very top of Bedford Park is Southfield Primary School which has strong links with the local community and an attentive Parents Association which have seen the school grow in popularity and improvement in the progress the students make. For those who live in Bedford Park or the surrounding area Southfield is an ideal school for their primary aged children.

Located on Southfield Road the school is surrounded by a magnitude of beautiful homes within the Bedford Park conservation area such as the large detached homes on Woodstock Road. There are many examples of fine architecture in the area. Children who live on roads such as Rusthall Avenue and St Albans Avenue only have a short walk to reach Southfield Primary School. 

Independent Schools in Chiswick

The independent schools in Chiswick are extremely highly regarded and securing a place can sometimes be competitive.

Orchard House, located on Newton Grove in a leafy corner of Chiswick just off of South Parade, is an incredibly popular school. Parents wishing for their children to attend Orchard House are often encouraged to put their child’s name down at birth.

Nearby the Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School is also popular with local families, located at the southern end of Bedford Park it is ideally located for those who live in the area. Exquisite family homes nearby can be found on Addison Grove, Fairfax Road and Priory Avenue.

The Falcons Pre-Preparatory School is a popular school for boys aged 3-7 years and is located on Burnaby Gardens in Grove Park. Located near to the A4 means families from all of Chiswick can reach the school with relative ease. 

Secondary Schools in Chiswick

There are several schools for secondary age children in Chiswick such as Chiswick School which is a state run school in Grove Park and the ArtsEd Independent Day School & Sixth Form which is one of the top Drama Schools in the UK.

Latymer Upper School is a highly regarded private school in Hammersmith which caters to Secondary age children and those aged 16-18. The school is oversubscribed due to popularity and delivers outstanding results; 88% of leavers gain access to their first choice university.

Other top schools near Chiswick

Though you might live within the W4 postcode area it is often the case that you fall within catchment for areas outside of Chiswick, it’s always wise to check via the government website. Many homes in Chiswick for example fall within the catchment for St Peter’s CE Primary School in Hammersmith or the Ark Priory Primary Academy in Acton.

Houses for sale in Chiswick

If you’re looking for a house in Chiswick, and your search is being driven by proximity to schools, our multi award-winning team would be delighted to assist with your search for the perfect family home.

Take a look at the beautiful homes we have for sale here, or get in touch with a member of our Chiswick sales team.

Here are the 13 schools in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and Fulham getting a car-free ‘school street’

As back-to-class youngsters are waved off again at the school gates, 13 streets will soon have new rules for drop-off and pick-up time. But which ones?

School Streets began operating this month outside many schools in Hammersmith & Fulham, to improve air quality, reduce congestion and make the area safer for pupils. 

The aim, according to Cllr Wesley Harcourt, the town hall councillor in charge of environment policy, is “to make it safer for schoolchildren to navigate the borough by bike or on foot”. 

The changes are in answer to pleas from local communities to restrict motor traffic at the start and finish of the school day, and improve the quality of the air we breathe. 

Basically, School Streets are temporary pedestrian and cycle streets, backed by the council. 

The aim is to improve health as well as safety, making walking to school a viable option. 

During term time, access to streets outside 13 borough schools will be restricted by cameras and bollards. 

The 13 schools are: 

Hammersmith W6: 

-Brackenbury Primary 

-Earls Court Free School 

-Ecole Francaise de Londres Jacques Prevert 

-Melcome Primary 

-St Paul’s Primary 

-St Peter’s Primary 

-West London Free School 


Shepherds Bush W12: 

-Miles Coverdale Primary 

-St Stephen’s Primary 

-Wendell Park Primary 


Fulham SW6: 

Holy Cross Primary 

Queen’s Manor School and Special Needs Unit 

St John Lillie Primary 


Back to school safely

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed back-to-school safety up the agenda, and follows H&F Council moves to reassign road space to pedestrians and cyclists with wider pavements for social distancing, and new cycle lanes. 

Segregated cycle lanes now operate around the Hammersmith Gyratory System, on Uxbridge Road, alongside Shepherds Bush Green and along King Street, Hammersmith. 

But the School Street programme, introduced at the start of September to coincide with the return to classes, feeds into initiatives by individual schools to make journeys safer and more sustainable by encouraging bikes, scooters… and legs! 

To support a growth in cycling, the council is also stepping up cycle training sessions for children and adults, including an online four-module cycle skills course run by Transport for London. If you finish it, you’re rewarded with a 24-hour access code to all Santander Cycles, with all half-hour journeys included. 

If you live in Hammersmith & Fulham, or Kensington & Chelsea, and you need to get that bike in the shed roadworthy again, book a free bike-fixing space (stands and tools provided). 

Group cycle training is also available in schools for Year 5 and 6 pupils, and secondary school students, while adult cycle training can also be booked. 


How schools are safely returning after the long break

Staff have done an amazing job to make sure everything is safe for pupils, staff and parents. Well done to them for their hard work putting safety measures in place so speedily. 

Schools in Hammersmith, Chiswick and Shepherds Bush went back this week after the longest summer break in history. 

As Rosie Peters, Deputy Head at Wendell Park Primary in Shepherds Bush, puts it: “It’s been a very long summer because we’ve had nearly six months off school!”

This year has been the strangest one many of us will ever live through, and the gap from March means that September’s usual back-to-school feeling has been more intense than ever. 

Some will be feeling very nervous about going back to school. Rosie describes the six-month lockdown as “really, really strange”, filled with remote learning at home. 

Wendell Park Primary’s other Deputy Head, Elena Hough, outlined some of the changes that students and parents will notice. 

“It has been a very strange time, but the teachers and staff at all the schools have been working hard before the summer, and during the summer, to make sure schools are ready for everyone to come back.” 

Desks may have been moved to face one direction, surfaces in classrooms are clear so it’s easier to keep them clean, thorough hand-washing is now a regular part of school life, and playgrounds and school entrances have new markings and signs to remind everyone about social distancing rules. 

Full risk assessments have been carried out at all schools and colleges throughout west London. 

Elena says: “I know when the children started to come back to Wendell Park, all of our children were absolutely fantastic at remembering that they needed to stay a little bit further apart than normal.” 

She even adds that the children have been so good about keeping their distance that it acts as a helpful reminder to the teachers too! 

“The teachers are looking forward to seeing you, and starting a new year seeing all the smiling faces,” she says. 

School is the place to be

The message from all schools in Hammersmith, Chiswick and Shepherds Bush is that – after the lockdown restrictions – it’s the most important place to be. 

That’s underlined by Dr Liz Whittaker, Paediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, who says: “What’s really reassuring is that very, very few children have been affected by the Covid-19 disease. 

“Of the children who have been affected, most have had a very mild disease; in fact, just like having a little normal cold.”

She says that the risks to children’s futures are greater if they don’t return to school to “see their friends, get back into a routine and start learning again”. 

School is vital to support children’s social and emotional health and their mental health, and Dr Whittaker urges any parents who still have worries to talk to their doctor or to teachers. 

Some school start times have changed, to make entering and leaving school safer, while other schools have created bubbles of smaller school groups to reduce mixing between years. 

The important thing to remember, as schools return, is that if anyone in the family is feeling unwell to stay at home, call NHS 111 and find out if you’re eligible for a Covid-19 test and that you have that test before re-entering school or work. 

Dr Whittaker also reminds parents to make sure that children are up to date with their vaccinations. 

“School is a safe place for children to be… and it’s probably the best place for them to be,” says the consultant. 

6 DIY Home Staging Tips from Interior Designer Anna Ellis

Anna Ellis shares her top tips to get your home sale ready

If you’re selling or letting your home, you want it to look its best for all potential buyers or tenants that step foot through the door. For this reason, the business of ‘Home Staging’ exists. 

What is Home staging? 

Home staging is a method of decorating meant to highlight your home’s most impressive assets and help buyers imagine themselves moving in and living there. 

Home staging for sales and lettings is big business and a growing industry.  We asked Interior Designer and Hammersmith resident Anna Ellis to share a few tricks that don’t cost the earth and aren’t difficult to implement yourself. 

Anna's Six Top Tips for DIY Home Staging 

1. Everyone knows that a clean house is an obvious must, but often people fail to see and clear the clutter.  Space, especially in London, is at a premium.  Stuff piled on top of kitchen cabinets shouts a lack of storage.  Get rid of it or pack it away.  Same applies to lots of boxes on top of wardrobes, piles of paper etc.  Everyone wants space – even the downsizers.  Showing your home when it is bursting at the seams puts you at an immediate disadvantage.  

2. Shoes are another classic no no.  Nobody wants to see a pile of tired trainers as soon as the front door is opened.  One or two pairs neatly placed presents an image of order; it also suggests the owners remove their shoes once inside – an indication that they care for their home – always a good sign. 

3. It is important for a buyer to imagine themselves living in your home.  The major housebuilders tackle this with glossy brochures with images of loved up couples drinking champagne on their balconies, tables set for elaborate dinner parties, kitchens with the best coffee machines and sofas draped with luxurious throws.  They all try to sell a lifestyle they think their buyer aspires to.  Sellers need to apply the same logic and accentuate aspects of their property that will appeal to their buyer.   

For example, if you have a garden, give it some attention.  Make sure the hose is rolled up and neatly stored.  Collect up any children’s toys that are strewn around, and ensure the patio isn’t littered with bird strikes!  If it is summer and you have a table and chairs, give them a clean and put the parasol up.  Little details help purchasers imagine themselves in your space and that’s the first step to securing your sale. 

4. Light is also a key factor.  Open the blinds and curtains and make sure all beds are made and sofas are plumped.   

5. Sofas should look inviting.  If your cushions are looking a bit tired, invest in some new covers.  Zara Home and H & M Home aren’t too pricey and you can take them with you! 

6. Plants are another great way to dress a property and you needn’t be a Monty Don to keep them alive and fresh.  Loads of companies make very realistic fake plants and they really do lift a room.  Try W6 Garden Centre (aside from plants, they have beautiful pots) and Wheelers Graden Centre of Turnham GreenWest ElmH & M Home and Ikea. 

The list of ways to dress a home can be endless so if you do just one thing (aside from the cleaning of course) it is clear out the clutter. 

See some of Anna's wonderful work here, or read her previous blog“How to design an apartment interior worthy of 25 Beautiful Homes.” Interested in selling? Read our guide for sellers


Our Guide to West London restaurants continuing ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ discounts this September

We list the eateries in Hammersmith, Chiswick and Shepherd's Bush where you can still find a dinnertime discount

Throughout August, Mondays became the new Fridays and Wednesdays the new Sundays as eateries across the Country had their weekdays shaken up thanks to the Governments 'Eat Out to help Out' scheme. From Monday to Wednesday, customers could enjoy 50% off their food bills at restaurants and cafes signed up to the scheme. And enjoy they did. In the four weeks of August, more than 64 million meals were reportedly claimed in the UK.

Now, as we enter September, many of us will be mourning our excuse for a mid-week meal out, but fear not as many local restaurants have decided to continue their own versions of the scheme. Here's some of the eateries offering the discount in September:



No.197 Chiswick Fire Station, Chiswick High Road

The lively all-day restaurant and cocktail bar on Chiswick High Road is keeping the 50% discount exclusively for Address Card members. Membership is free, and cards can be collected in the bar at the time of your booking.

Villa di Geggiano, Chiswick High Road

Villa di Geggiano, Chiswick

The Bollo, Bollo Lane

The Lamb, Barley Mow Passage

With the scheme you can get a half roast chicken Sunday lunch for less than £7.50.

The City Barge, Strand-on-the-Green

Annie's, Thames Lane

For September, Patrons can get £10 off their bills Monday-Wednesday, minimum spend £20.

Franco Manco, Chiswick High Road

Franco Manco discounted prices, Chiswick and Shepherd's Bush

Hare and Tortoise, Chiswick High Road

To mix things up, the Hare and Tortoise have taken the discount digital, offering £5 off Deliveroo orders Monday-Wednesday. Minimum order £20.

Little Bird, Burlington Lane

The gorgeous cocktail lounge and restaurant will take £10 off your bill if you spend more that £10 on food before Thursday.

Little Bird, Chiswick

youmesushi, Turnham Green Terrace

Long before it was cool, youmesushi had been offering a £10 discount on orders on Tuesdays. The discount continues this month, just use the code 'Tuesday' when you spend over £35.

Michael Nadra Brasserie, Elliot Road

Continuing the scheme but only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Outsider Tart, Chiswick High Road

The scheme has finished here, but on Wednesdays from 5pm dinners are still 50% off.

Outsider Tart, Chiswick

Vinoteca, Devonshire Road

For lunch and dinner every Monday to Friday throughout September, Vinoteca are offering £15 for two courses or £18 for three courses, with a glass of wine included.

Chapati Club, Acton


Haweli, King Street

With their own take on the EOTHO, Haweli Indian are offering 25% off food Monday- Friday, up to £5 per person.

The Crabtree, Rainville Road

Kamasutra, King Street

The Salutation, King Street

25% off Mondays - Fridays 12-5pm.

Pekoe Mellow, Aldensley Road

Also continuing with an altered version of the deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is the Brackenbury Village Sri Lankan tea house and restaurant where patrons can get 30% off their food bill.

Pekoe Mellow, Brackenbury Village

The Pear Tree, Margravine Road

Sam's Riverside, Crisp Walk

Sam's loved the scheme so much they decided to continue it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The Havelock Tavern, Brook Green

The Gate, Queen Caroline Street

Shepherd's Bush

Little Napoli, Uxbridge Road

Not only are Little Napoli extending the discount into September, but from Monday they will be adding Thursdays to the deal as well.

Little Napoli, Shepherd's Bush

Comptoir, Westfield White City

Franco Manco, Westfield White City

Ichiba, Westfield White City

Kricket, White City

Putting their own spin on the discount scheme is modern Indian powerhouse 'Kricket'. Every Monday for the rest of 2020, customers can get 50% off all food and soft drinks and, unlike the Government scheme, there's no limit to the final discount.

Kricket, White City

Balans, Westfield White City

Busaba, Westfield White City

Princess Victoria, Uxbridge Road

All Star Lanes, Westfield White City

Bill's, Westfield White City

Cabana, Westfield White City

Cabana, White City

Puttshack, Westfield White City

50% off pizzas and all kids meals Monday - Thursday.

Tapas Revolution, Westfield White City

Until 16th September.

The Real Greek, Westfield White City

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we will be adding to it continuously. If you find somewhere that we have missed, send us a message on Instagram , Facebook, Tweet us or send an email to

Drive in to Gunnersbury Park and enjoy a film!

West London cinemagoers have a safe and exciting alternative to a traditional film outing… an all-singing, all-dancing drive-in 

>The film Drive is coming to Gunnersbury Park

The new drive-in at Gunnersbury Park - brought to you by The Luna Drive In Cinema - combines movies, food, drink (there’s a bar) and social distancing. 

With a high-definition screen and digital projection, you park, perch the sanitised wireless sound speaker on the dashboard and settle back to watch. 

This afternoon (Tues September 1st) it’s Oscar-winning Parasite at 6.00pm, with Drive at 9.15pm.

Then tomorrow (September 2nd) the bill is Jurassic Park followed by the brilliant The Joker, and Grease, while Thursday (3rd) brings a Rocketman: Sing-along.

>Calling all Pink Ladies: Grease is coming to Gunnersbury Park

PPE-wearing waiters and waitresses on scooters and rollerskates deliver retro food, contactlessly ordered, direct to your car bonnet. 

There’s no need to leave the car… although there are loos on site. Vans and Chelsea tractors are treated like people wearing top hats; they park at the back, so they don’t block the view. 

The drive-in location at Gunnersbury Park (TW8 9QS) is close to Brentford FC’s new stadium, with tickets from £35 for two in a car. Book your tickets here

>The film Back to the Future is coming to Gunnersbury Park

Meet the Shepherd’s Bush community club fighting loneliness, one stitch at a time

Interview with Bridget Harris, founder of knitting group 'The Purls.UK'

One of the largest sections of society to suffer as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic are the elderly and vulnerable that have been forced to isolate for months, without any social contact outside of their home. Loneliness is already a huge problem among these members of the community, with few opportunities to socialise available even before strict distancing guidelines came into effect. 

Long before anyone had ever heard of the virus now known as COVID-19, Bridget Harris had been on a mission to fight loneliness and had set up a weekly knitting club whereby anyone can come along on a Wednesday, knit clothes and most importantly: have a chat. Not content with just tackling one issue, Bridget had the idea that the clothes knitted in the club be given to the homeless and their pets. 

I was distributing and displaying health information at a Homeless Lunch Club and thought how lovely it was to get a hot meal at lunchtime but felt dismayed that after the hot meal, people would have to go back out onto the streets. 

That's when the idea for The Purls.UK was born.  Loneliness and isolation are one of the biggest reasons why a person's health deteriorates, I decided to start a friendship club where we would help the street homeless and their pets stay warm by knitting and crocheting warm clothes for them. 

“We are pearls because we have all come out of our shells and got together to make warm clothes for the street homeless and their pets, that's why the spelling is the purls.💝” 

A close knit community

The socialising doesn’t stop at the weekly meetings, as monthly social outings and holidays also get celebrated by the members. 

“We have at least one social outing a month, our launch party and also our Christmas celebration get together where we all cooked a dish and shared from our different cultures. 

Members come from all over the community, and the numbers are growing. 

“We’re 50 and growing, some of the ladies knit at home because they work during the day. Plus, a growing number of followers on Instagram which is very encouraging.  They are a variety of wonderful people, from all cultures and walks of life, who like to socialise and help others.” 

Socially distanced knitting 

As with most clubs, The Purls.UK had to adapt when social distancing guidelines came into effect. 

The club was affected like everyone else we could no longer meet together at our chosen venues, so we all knitted at home and stayed in contact by text and video messaging. 

“Our socials will be a picnic at a local West London community gardens, if the weather stays bright and sunny. 😎” 

The future of The Purls 

We would like the club to grow and roll out across London and maybe beyond, venturing into different parts of the UK.  We are going to try raising some finances so that we can have a good supply of wool, marketing materials, cover our communication costs and finance for project coordination. 

Interested in joining the club but not a natural-born knitter? Anyone is welcome to join. 

“I knitted baby clothes for my children many years ago, they are both adults now with children of their own. The members have different skills levelssome people have joined as absolute beginners.” 

If anyone has isolated or lonely family members, neighbours or friends please do let them know about joining The Purls.UK. Also they can see what we do on Instagram 


Ravenstower: The Story behind a Hammersmith icon

Do you know the history of Ravenscourt Square and the Pallenswick Estate?

Two weeks ago, we got the call to view a property on Ravenscourt Square, but little did we know that we were about to value a piece of Hammersmith history.

Since the 1850s, 17 Ravenscourt Square has stood tall and impressive at the edge of Ravenscourt Park, worlds apart from its neighbours. Most residents of Hammersmith will be familiar with its rose-pink façade, but few will know the history of ‘Ravenstower’ or how such a unique Italianate villa came to exist on this patch of West London.

Birth of the Belvedere

The area of Ravenscourt earned its name in 1747 when Thomas Corbett purchased the medieval manor and estate that existed where the park is now, then called ‘The Pallenswick Estate’. The reason for the change in name of the manor house to ‘Ravenscourt House’ was likely due to the Corbett coat of arms featuring a Raven.

When in 1812 the estate was bought by George Scott, a builder who had recently developed St Peter’s Square and was responsible for the building of Black Lion lane and other nearby roads, the estate was greatly expanded. Among the streets of homes that Scott built around the edges of the estate was number 17 Ravenscourt Square, a stunning Italianate Villa nicknamed ‘Ravenstower’ for its distinct pink Belvedere. 

Whilst the Ravenscourt manor and estate were lost during the The Blitz, many of Scott’s buildings remain today.

Postcard photo of Ravenscourt Square in the 1890s.

Ravenstower today

Following years of famous inhabitants (such as West End actor Henry Vincent), scandalous arrests (Frederick Milledge was arrested in the tower) and a family that lived there for forty years, no.17 was finally bought in 2013 where it underwent a major renovation.

Here, the current owners describe the renovation process:

“Renovations took over a year. We commissioned Fariba Pentland from AND architecture to enhance the house’s existing historic features whilst improving the general layout.”

“Following extensive rewiring, plumbing, insulation and roof repairs, we removed the water tank from the belvedere in order to turn it into a secret hideaway. We remodelled the top floor bedrooms and fitted the en-suite bathrooms using historic HE Smith tiles and Drummonds furnishings. We uncovered and reconditioned the original floorboards throughout the house.”

“All fireplaces were reinstated and matching antique marble fireplaces were sourced to replace the substandard reproduction ones which stood in the dinning and sitting rooms. We created a library / snug with a secret door inspired by 19th Century designs.”

“The guest bedroom was tanked and fitted with an ensuite bathroom. The south facing kitchen/breakfast room was improved by the addition of French windows and a conservatory section, creating a light filled space which is the heart of the house all year round.”

“Outside we repaved the garden with reclaimed Portland stone and built a brick wall at the back using period bricks. The front steps to the house were reconditioned using Portland stone.”

Now, after breathing new life into the Victorian villa they have decided to leave London altogether, but they will miss their little slice of Italy:

“What we will miss the most are the unique features and sense of history of the house. It really has a unique atmosphere. Being on an elevated position on a private road by the park is like living in a peaceful green oasis surrounded by birdsong. A rare treat in London.”

If you’re interested in owning a piece of Hammersmith history, then view the full property details here, or request a viewing by calling Sales Manager Martin Clements MNAEA on 020 8819 0510, or emailing

Thank you to our wonderful West London Customers

We won 5 Customer Service Awards thanks to your 5* reviews

You may already have heard (because we’ve been rather shouting about it!) that we did very well at the annual Estate Agenawards last month. Not only did we win two golds for being the Best Lettings Agents as voted for by both tenants and landlords, but our Chiswick office won silver for the Best Estate Agents in West London', second only to our Hammersmith team that took the gold. 

On top of that, our very own ‘Mr Chiswick’ and Director of our Chiswick branch Paul Cooney beat every other estate agent in the country to win a gold ‘People award’ - for the second year in a row! 

An Awards ceremony like no other 

Usually, these awards mean a great night out at The Grosvenor Hotel with bottomless Prosecco, a three-course meal and the chance to get up close and personal with property legend Phil Spencer. However, things were rather different this year as we celebrated the ‘Virtual ESTAS’ from the basement room in our office via Zoom. 

Unlike any other award ceremony, the ESTAS are unique in that they are based purely on customer feedback, with the agents that receive the most, honest customer reviews (and thus build the highest customer service rating) awarded gold. 

To be eligible for the shortlisted stage of the competition, agents must receive at least 15 reviews. We received 132. 

A Thank you from the Team

Following his amazing win, Paul Cooney said “I just want to thank my clients very much for their incredible feedback and for helping me win another ESTA this year. It is becoming very addictive, I will be back every year trying to win...we’ll keep going!” 

Our lettings team for West Londonhelmed by Ashley Clements MNAEA MARLA and supported by Aggie Tukendorf ,Thomas Simlett and Dominika Seilawa, weronce again rewarded for their outstanding personal service to West London. Of his two wins Ashley said: “A big thank you from myself and the team to all of the landlords and tenants who voted us to a gold award... thank you very much, we really appreciate it and we look forward to keeping up the good work.” 

Finally, the evening was completed with our Hammersmith office winning the Best overall Estate Agents in West LondonMartin Clements MNAEA, manager of the King Street sales team, was delighted that the hard work of assistant manager Phil Coombes and sales negotiator Charlie Carroll had brought the team gold: “We are immensely proud, grateful and appreciative to have won the ESTAS gold award for the best estate agents in West london. A huge thank you to all our buyers and sellers who voted for us. We aim to deliver again in 2021 and wish you all the best for the remainder of 2020.” 

If you’re thinking about selling or letting your home and want to work with the best, multi-award winning team in West London, then call us on 020 8819 0510 or send us a message on WhatsApp. 

To see more from the night, visit our Youtube Page here.

Free dance classes pop up in Ravenscourt Park 

Need some air? Want to move to the beat?

Free pop-up dance classes are being organised in Ravenscourt Park by DanceWest, the community dance group based at the Lyric Hammersmith theatre, to boost mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

From 28 August to 19 September there will be hip-hop, jive, jazz, salsa, modern and vintage dance sessions in the open air in Hammersmith. 

There are also low-impact, gentler sessions for the over 55s (dubbed the ‘Bolder not Older’ category), in a full programme supported by the sports development team at Hammersmith & Fulham Council combining dance, yoga, ballet and pilates. 

Younger dancers are not forgotten; there are classes to allow parents to boogie with babies, and for carers to share their moves with pre-school and primary-age children. 

You have to pre-book and socially distance. Full details available here.