Preparing your garden for sale.

12 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Sale

With many homebuyers prioritising usable and inviting outside space, preparing your garden for sale should not be overlooked.

At Horton and Garton, we understand the importance of first impressions when it comes to selling your property. The garden is often a key selling point which requires special attention to ensure it mirrors the aesthetic and upkeep of the interiors. It not only attracts potential buyers but can also increase the saleability and sometimes the value of your property.

From lawn care and removing weeds to lighting, we highlight 12 tips on how to prepare your garden for sale.

1. Enhancing Kerb Appeal

As the entrance to the rest of your home, your front garden is valuable for creating a positive first impression.

Take a step back and assess your front garden. Are pesky weeds appearing through the cracks? Does your front door need a touch up of paint? Are there any broken paving stones that need replacing? Is your doorstep crumbling or showing signs of wear and tear? These are all areas to keep an eye out for to ensure that your front garden not only looks appealing but that it is also accessible and safe.

You can make the entrance feel even more welcoming by framing your front door with well-placed planters and incorporating proper lighting.

2. Mow the Lawn

Keep your grass healthy and looking its best by mowing your lawn regularly. Don’t just leave this until the last minute – stay on top of it to maintain a neat and attractive appearance.

Additionally, neatly edging your lawn along flower beds, paths and paving is a simple step that can make a big difference to the aesthetic of your garden.

Mow the lawn

3. Remove Weeds and Do Some Gardening

Weeds can make your garden look unkempt and chaotic deterring potential buyers.

Remove weeds and spent flowers, to make your garden look healthier, and help desirable plants thrive.

Regularly trim shrubs and any overgrowing hedges, plant fresh blooms in flowerbeds, and make sure pathways are clear of debris.

4. Garden Lights

Garden lights can transform your property’s outdoor spaces, making them more inviting, especially during evening viewings. Spotlights can highlight key areas, fairy lights can add a touch of sparkle, and pathway lights can guide guests safely along walkways.

Good lighting does wonders for a garden—it shows off all the beautiful parts while also making things safer and more usable at night.

Garden Lights

5 Garden Mirrors

Mirrors have the power to transform a garden, making it look larger than it is.

They can add depth and double the visual impact of your garden by reflecting the scenery, and even make the gardens darkest corners seem cheerier and more inviting.

6 Clear the Gutters

While leaves and branches piling up in your gutters over the seasons might seem harmless at first, they can result in nasty stains or even worse – water damage that can cost a lot to fix.

When preparing your garden for sale, cleaning your gutters and ensuring they are free flowing will not only show prospective buyers you’ve put effort into maintaining the home’s upkeep but will also sidestep issues when surveyors come around and check the house.

Preparing your garden for sale. Clean the gutters.

7. Add a Lick of Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your garden.

Whether it’s your fence, shed, decking or garden furniture, this is a relatively simple and low-cost enhancement that can dramatically refresh the look of your home.

Choose neutral, appealing colours that complement the existing features of the home, ensuring it looks well-cared for.

8. Inspect the Garden for Necessary Repairs

The prospect of having to do a lot of hard work on a garden can deter potential buyers.

Avoid this by inspecting your garden for any repairs and fixing them. These could be anything from damaged garden furniture to broken fence panels and unstable decking.

By identifying and addressing these issues you make your garden look cared for and ready for immediate use, making your property more attractive and potentially increasing its value.

9. Tidy Your Garage and Shed

Maximising storage space is essential when preparing your garden for sale.

Garages and sheds can often become cluttered so remove any junk that’s been taking up space and reorganise where everything goes. Consider adding in some new shelving units to help organise the space and make them feel more valuable.

10. Organise and Conceal Bins

Leaving full bins out in the open can take away from your home’s kerb appeal and make the area look a bit messy.

Avoid this by concealing your bins in a side area or invest in storage solutions to hide them from view.

11. Clean Garden Furniture

A tidy garden with clean furniture suggests that the property has been well-cared for, making it look more appealing to potential buyers.

Remove any dirt or stains on outdoor furniture to improve the appearance of the garden furniture and to also protect and preserve it for yourselves.

Preparing your garden for sale. Garden furniture

12. Pressure-Wash Hard Surfaces

Using a pressure washer to clean the hard surfaces in your garden, such as patios, decking, and driveways, clears off layers of dirt and algae instantly refreshing the look of any area.

Go one step further and repoint paths and patios to rejuvenate them and stop unwanted weeds.

How Important is the Garden When Selling a House?

If you’re trying to sell your house, don’t underestimate the power of a nice garden. For those who love spending time outdoors, a well maintained garden could seal the deal faster than you think.

Imagine walking past a house with an exquisite garden – it’s not merely about looks, it also subtly showcases the vibrant, welcoming life within those walls.

Preparing your Garden for Sale

Preparing your garden for sale with these simple steps can significantly improve how appealing and sellable your home looks. When you keep your garden looking well-maintained and healthy, it doesn’t just beautify your house—it also gives off an inviting atmosphere that helps potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

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