West London Art Galleries

West London Art Galleries

West London is a vibrant hub of art, history and culture, boasting some of the most diverse art galleries. These West London art galleries each offer a unique glimpse into the art world showcasing everything from grand installations and modern art pieces to classical works and limited edition prints.

Whether you’re a collector, an art enthusiast, or simply curious, these are just some of the most wonderful West London art galleries to visit.

Art Galleries in Chiswick

AA London Gallery

Driven by his passion for Contemporary Aboriginal and British Art, AA London Gallery, ‘AA’ standing for  ‘Aboriginal Art’ was founded by Hugo in 2019.

The gallery showcases a select group of Aboriginal and British artists, specialising in contemporary fine art. The collection features an array of unique artworks, including paintings, glass, ceramics, wood sculptures, ceramics, prints, and paintings.

West London Art Galleries, AA London

Credit: AA London Gallery

Hyde Gallery

Hyde Gallery is an independent family-run contemporary art gallery.

A combination of emerging and established artists are showcased in the gallery, many of which, delve into the depths of human emotions through paintings and sculptures.

Frivoli Gallery

Frivoli Gallery is set in a West London townhouse on Devonshire Road.

There are a range of artists and makers, all of whom are based in the UK, who use a range of different mediums.

A selection of these artistic treasures on display aren’t just local gems; they’ve been featured in international collections and museums.

Robert Eagle Fine Art

Robert Eagle Fine Art Gallery is located in Robert Eagle’s own home. He said it is “an ideal – if sometimes rather overcrowded – place to see art in the environment for which it’s intended.”

His gallery showcases a range of artists, predominantly British and Irish, both past and present, whose work he thinks deserves greater recognition.

Lemongrove Gallery

Lemongrove Gallery, Chiswick, is a part of the UK’s leading independent gallery groups.

The gallery is known for its award-winning international portfolio of artwork, featuring a rich mix of vibrant paintings, limited editions, sculptural beauties, and hand-picked books.

Noon Powell Gallery

NoonPowell Fine Art is an independent contemporary West London art gallery, founded in 2018 by Rachael Noon-Powell and Ben Powell.

High-quality artworks from over 40 established and emerging contemporary artists from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America are showcased in the gallery.

Since opening, Noon Powell Gallery has hosted a selection of group and solo shows, participated in several highly-regarded art fairs and curated exhibitions at multiple venues across London.

Art Galleries in Hammersmith

Denis O’Regan Gallery

Denis O’Regan art gallery offers a unique visual journey through the lens of Denis O’Regan, the official photographer of Thin Lizzy, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie into rock concerts and behind-the-scenes moments of these iconic music legends.

Featuring large selections of Denis’s limited edition official publications, fine art prints and unique pieces only available at the gallery, it is a go-to West London art gallery for music and photography enthusiasts.

Art Galleries in Shepherd’s Bush

Clarendon Fine Art

Spanning over 2,000 square feet, with a striking 40-foot floor-to-ceiling glass frontage, Clarendon Fine Art is a state-of-the-art gallery space in Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush.

Paintings, sculptures, installations, and editions from well-established contemporary artists and emerging talents, alongside rare and collectable works from the 20th century are showcased in the gallery.

Unit 1 Gallery Workshop

Established in 2015 by artist Stacie McCormick in a former builder’s merchant site, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, connects artists and their creative processes with the public.

The gallery supports an array of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists by providing them with the space and time to develop their creative process, expand their professional networks, and gain mentorship from experienced team members. Artists are also introduced to an extensive network of collectors, art educators, and industry professionals.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop hosts 10 exhibitions and accommodates 25 artists in residence annually and to date has organised more than 40 exhibitions featuring over 120 artists and curators.

Studio West Gallery

Founded in 2021 by curator Caroline Boseley, Studio West is an art studio dedicated to showcasing the talent of tomorrow.

The gallery has a lineup of exhibitions featuring work from emerging UK talent and newly established artists – think groundbreaking artists who are on their way up.

Alongside these exhibitions, Studio West hosts a range of interactive talks, workshops, film screenings, and performances.

Art Studios in West London

Adam Ellis Studio

Adam Ellis Studio has an ever-changing display of highly bespoke wallpapers, archive and limited edition prints, custom fabrics, and site-specific installations.

Wander from the studio into their gallery, and you’ll find yourself among new creations as well as selected works from their extensive archive of artworks and wallpapers.

Please reach out to the studio to schedule a viewing.

West London art galleries

Credit: Adam Ellis Studio

West London Art Factory

West London Art Factory was founded in 2010 by husband and wife duo, Creative Director Jewel and Managing Director James Goodby.

West London Art Factory houses 20 individual studios used by a range of artists including painters, photographers, sculptors, stained glass artists, architectural model makers, tattoo artists, and music producers.

During events like BEAT and the London Design Festival weekend, the West London Art Factory becomes a vibrant hub, open to the public, where you can explore galleries full of artwork and see how the artists make their masterpieces.

Kindred Studios

With 67 maker spaces, used by a diverse and talented group of professional creatives from various artistic disciplines, Kindred Studios has built a community with art at its heart.

The studios host two annual open studio events, alongside a range of thought-provoking talks, interactive workshops and stunning exhibitions.

Artists at Home

Artists at Home is an annual open studio event across Chiswick, Hammersmith, and Shepherd’s Bush. This year, it will be taking place from 14th – 16th June.

You can explore new and original artworks, meet and talk with the artists, learn about their artistic methods and the processes behind creating their artwork and even purchase original works directly from the artist.

Find out more about Artists at Home here.

Artists at Home

West London Art Galleries

Whether you are seeking to buy a piece of artwork or simply want to enjoy an afternoon surrounded by beautiful artwork displays, these West London art galleries are worth visiting.