Factors that affect property prices

5 Factors That Affect Property Prices | An Estate Agent’s Guide

Those thinking of moving who are beginning to wonder about the current value of their home, or those looking to buy thinking of future resale values might wonder about the factors that affect property prices.

The West London property market is a complex and ever-changing landscape, influenced by a range of factors. Understanding these factors is essential for anyone looking to buy or sell a property locally. 

In this article, we will explore the five key factors that affect property prices in London.


Location is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to a property’s value. 

It might seem obvious but it’s important to clarify that buyers are often willing to pay more for homes in sought-after residential areas that have good schools, low crime rates, and easy access to amenities such as shops and restaurants. 

On the other hand, if a neighbourhood is known for being unsafe or has a high crime rate, the value of the properties in that area are often lower.

Transport connections

Proximity to transport connections and places of work are also an important consideration when it comes to location. Buyers will often seek convenience and accessibility in a London home. 

Local schools

The quality of local schools can also have an impact on a property’s value. Homes that are in areas with schools that are highly rated or well-regarded independent options are often more desirable to families with children, which can drive up the value of the properties in that area.

Immediate area

The wider location has a large impact on a property’s value, but it is also a home’s immediate vicinity that can dictate pricing. Is the property on a busy road or does it back onto a school, or even the train tracks? 

There is a balance to be struck, the most desirable homes are often close enough to the underground or nearest parade of shops but not too close that they suffer noise pollution or any disruption to reasonable peace at home.

Size and Condition

The size and condition of a property are two of the most crucial factors that affect its value. 

Typically, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms affects value but only if it is useable space. A home might technically be a four-bedroom property but have two good size double bedrooms and two box bedrooms that might only be useful as a home office or baby’s nursery. 

A property with a lot of unusable space may not be as valuable as one with more usable space, even if they have the same total square footage.

A well-maintained property with updated features and appliances will be more valuable than a similar property that requires renovation.

Properties with a garage or dedicated parking space will command a higher price than a similar property without. Similarly, properties with off-street parking are usually more valuable than similar homes with only on-street parking. 

Overall, the size and condition of a property are important factors to consider when determining its value. A larger property in good condition with updated features and amenities, and dedicated parking, will generally be more valuable than a smaller property in poor condition.

Local Market Conditions

By local market conditions, we’re referring to the demand and supply of properties across West London. 

When the demand for properties is high, and the supply is low, it creates a seller’s market. In a seller’s market, properties sell quickly, and buyers may need to engage in bidding wars to secure a property. This can drive up property prices.

On the other hand, when the supply of properties is high, and the demand is low, it creates a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market, properties may take longer to sell, and buyers may have more bargaining power. This can lead to lower property prices.

It is often the case that local market conditions are even more precise with specific property types in greater demand than others at any given time. 

Property Features

Aesthetics, renovation potential, and amenities are some of the key property features that buyers consider. 


Aesthetics play a crucial role in determining the value of a property. A well-maintained and visually appealing property is likely to attract more buyers, which can drive up its value. 

Factors that affect prperty price - aesthetics


At the other end of the spectrum, properties that have the potential for renovation or expansion can be more valuable than those that do not.

Outside space

Homes that have good sized gardens or apartments that have a balcony or roof terrace are usually more appealing than those that do not have any outside space.

Factors that affect property prices

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is another important factor that buyers consider when purchasing a property. A well-maintained and attractive exterior can increase the value of a property.


Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important feature that buyers consider when purchasing a property. Properties with solar panels, insulation, and double-glazed windows can be more valuable than those without. Eco-friendly homes that have lower energy costs and are more environmentally friendly are seeing a rise in popularity. 

Passive House

Wider Economic Climate

Unsurprisingly the wider economic climate is one of the factors that affects property prices. Economic growth, population growth, employment, and unemployment rates all play a role in determining the value of property. 

Inflation and monetary policy are also important considerations. Inflation can lead to higher interest rates, which can make it more expensive for homebuyers to borrow money. Monetary policy, such as the actions taken by the Federal Reserve, can also impact mortgage rates and the overall housing market.

It’s wise to be informed on economic trends and indicators when making decisions related to property.

Factors that affect property prices

These are 5 factors that affect property prices in West London, there are often other factors at play, but these are sometimes unique to a seller’s circumstances or due to very individual property specifics such as restrictive covenants or a short lease. 

A reputable and experienced local estate agent will be able to offer greater guidance on the value of your property. 

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