Interior Design Trends for 2022

Horton and Garton asked local interior designer, Anna Ellis to give insight into the rising styles and new functionality expected of our homes that will shape interior design trends for 2022.

Insight from Anna Ellis Interior Design

As West London Estate Agents, we have seen first hand how covid has been a catalyst for changing the environment many of us are living in – both by moving house and by redecoration and refurbishment. 

Whilst pre-covid many people spent more time away from home – be it on holiday, at the office, in a restaurant etc, the past two years have shown us that our living spaces need to be far more multi-purpose than they’ve ever been before. 

The way many people use their homes has changed, specifically with those whose jobs allow, looking to incorporate a balance of home and office working. 

Gone are the temporary chairs that were too low, too hard and instead of offering lumbar support, gave home workers aching muscles and back pain, and in are the flexible desks, work-spaces and ergonomic chairs.

As we move forward with new priorities the interior design trends for 2022 are evolving from those of previous years.

What are the interior design trends for 2022?

Natural tones

The bright zingy wall colours that were popular for bringing some joy into the home while people endured the depths of lockdown are gradually being replaced with more natural tones. 

Terracotta and earthy browns representing comfort and calm, and sludgy greens reminding us of nature, growth and fresh starts are key trends this year. 

Greys continue to have their fan base, but it is waning, and the neutrals that we will see this year are warmer tones of greige – the new buzzword for a mix of grey and beige.

Multi functional spaces

People are also prepared to invest more in their homes than they have previously.  Having spent so much enforced time inside has enabled people to focus on things they’d never considered previously.  

Neutral tones interiors 2022

Many are looking for their homes to reflect higher levels of comfort and style, one that used to be reserved for trips away to boutique hotels. 

They also need their home to function more effectively; to be a place for relaxation and working, for entertaining and home educating, though I think many parents whose children go to school are rather hoping home educating will not be repeated! 

Acoustic panelling

A common thread and something expected to be prominent as an interior design trend for 2022 is a need for a quiet space which has led many people to look for stylish ways to improve their acoustics. 

Acoustic panelling

Traditional style panelling has been a huge trend over the past year and continues to be popular.  This style of panelling has taken off on a purely aesthetic level and has been embraced by those looking for a more traditional look. 

This year we will see more of a move to acoustic panelling. Aside from completely changing the look of a space or using it to zone a room, the sound-absorbing properties are a significant driver for many, together with the desire for using sustainable materials such as sustainably sourced timber as people become increasingly enthusiastic and aware of the need to be greener in their design choices.

Bathrooms reimagined

Bathrooms in particular are areas where clients have really focussed on creating the luxury hotel vibe.  Now more than ever they have become a retreat, some taking on a spa-like quality. 

Chrome taps are no longer the go-to, instead, a black finish is still hugely popular and brushed brass, brushed nickel is also very current. 

Image: C P Hart

Plants and nature feature heavily too – real plants for those lucky enough to have a bathroom with windows, and fake for those who don’t. 

When considering interior design trends for 2022, it’s expected that wall tiles will be more neutral and less patterned with interest being introduced through a mix of either patterned floor tiles, wallpaper or accessories such as wooden stools, baskets overflowing with fluffy towels etc.


In addition, homeowners continue to want the latest technology in bathrooms.  Bidet style toilet seats are popular, especially for those without space for a separate bidet.  Once reserved for the Japanese market, the Europeans are really embracing this trend. 

Bidet interior trend
Image: C P Hart

Sensor taps

Previously only really seen in commercial specifications, many suppliers are seeing repeated requests for taps operated with sensors – appreciated not only because they limit germ transmission, but also because they avoid the dreaded watermarks! 

Digital showers

Digital showers that can be operated from the bedside to allow the shower to reach temperature before the user even turn back the sheets are also often on the list for those planning bathrooms in the cold winter months! 


One of the best technological advances that I look forward to specifying this year is a new anti-slip product for baths and showers shown by Bette at the hotel design event Hix back in November. 

New kitchen colours

Kitchens are always high on a clients list for a revamp or replacement. 

Painting existing kitchens is a brilliant way to update them without breaking the bank.  It’s also something that a lot of people are able and willing to do themselves. 

This enables them to be more confident in their colour choices knowing they can redo it if, after painting one or two units, they realise they’ve made an error! 

Credit: Higham Furniture

As for interior design trends for 2022, again we will be seeing a lot more green in kitchens, both muted greens with yellow undertones and also bolder darker shades. 

For those that prefer their spaces to be more neutral and to add colour with accessories and furniture, the Portland Stone palette from Little Greene works perfectly.  


A clear interior design trend for 2022; Texture is a key theme throughout the whole home, again with natural and sustainable being the watchwords. 

Sisal and jute rugs, wicker lighting, throws and lots of botanical prints will all be included in many schemes this year. Living room furniture in particular will have softer lines and curves. 

Fabrics and furniture will be made from natural materials and there will be a lot of brands pushing the eco-credentials of their products. 

Vintage furniture and classic well made pieces will feature strongly as people move away from the cheaper more disposable pieces in their efforts to make more ethical choices.


Interior design trends for 2022 in West London properties

Working in property, as West London estate agents now for many years, we have a keen interest in interiors and are excited to see how the interior design trends for 2022 begin to feature in homes over the coming months.

Anna Ellis Interior Design aims to create spaces that are practical, comfortable, stylish and inspiring. With a portfolio of interiors dotted across Hammersmith and the surrounding area, we’ve crossed paths many times over the years and continue to enjoy the beautiful results.

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