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Kitchen Design Tips | Insight from Fox Interiors

Thinking of renovating or making a change and seeking kitchen design tips? The demand for a kitchen to be both a space that is functional and attractive is a feat that is not always easily achieved. 

In this blog, we explore the insightful kitchen design tips from Sarah Fox of Fox Interiors, including imagery and specific examples of her designs. 

Her approach emphasises a blend of style, practicality, and a sense of personal flair, making these concepts particularly suitable for homes in West London.

Embracing Scandi Kitchen Aesthetics

The Scandi kitchen style, renowned for its minimalism and clean lines, offers a serene and uncluttered feel. 

Sarah Fox has expertly demonstrated how this style can be enhanced with contrasting black accents. In her project, she introduced a light, Scandi-inspired palette with blond woods and off-white colours. 

These were elevated with black handles, accessories, and picture frames, creating a sophisticated monochrome effect that makes neutral colours pop. 

This approach not only adds depth and character to the kitchen but also brings in an element of modernity.

Kitchen Design Tips

How to Introduce Scandi Kitchen Design to Your Home

  • Palette: Choose a light Scandi-inspired colour scheme with blond woods and off-white tones.
  • Contrast: Introduce black handles, accessories, and picture frames for a sophisticated monochrome effect.
  • Artwork: Use colourful artwork to add depth and character to the neutral colours.
  • Furniture: Incorporate mid-century modern furniture in light wood with black rush seating.
  • Doors: Install black-framed Crittall-style doors for a modern look that enhances garden views.
Kitchen design

2. Incorporating Art and Furniture

Art plays a significant role in this design scheme. Sarah suggests using artwork to introduce colour into a Scandi kitchen. 

Additionally, she recommends incorporating mid-century modern furniture with light wood and black rush seating. This furniture choice complements the minimalist aesthetic while adding warmth. 

The use of black-framed Crittall-style doors not only complements the kitchen’s look with their simple lines but also creates a ‘wow’ factor with an open view to the garden, seamlessly blending the interior with the exterior.

3. The Power of Colour

The kitchen, often referred to as the heart of the home, can benefit greatly from a thoughtful colour scheme. 

Sarah Fox highlights the use of calm tones combined with practical materials and a bold colour to create a focal point. 

For instance, using a shade like Hague Blue from Farrow and Ball can invigorate the space without overwhelming it. The flexibility of a hand-painted kitchen allows for braver colour choices, knowing that it can be repainted for a refresh in the future.

Using Colour to Create a Focal Point

  • Bold Hues: Add a bold colour like Hague Blue to create a central focal point.
  • Flexibility: If the kitchen is hand-painted, consider adventurous colours, knowing you can repaint later.
  • Tone Balance: Mix calm tones with practical materials to balance the bold colour.

4. The Central Role of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have evolved into a central feature in modern homes, serving multiple purposes. 

They are not only areas for food preparation and storage but also spaces for social interaction. Sarah’s kitchen design tips include treating the island like a piece of furniture, adding a stone top for functionality, and incorporating storage solutions like drawers for utensils and napkins. 

The addition of bar stools around the island invites family and guests to gather, making it a social hub.

Kitchen Designs

Adding a Multifunctional Island to Your Kitchen

  • Functionality: Design the island like a piece of furniture with a stone top for durability.
  • Storage Solutions: Include drawers for internal storage of knives, kitchen roll, and napkins.
  • Social Space: Arrange bar stools around the island to create a social gathering spot.

5. Utilising Banquette Seating

In compact spaces, banquette seating can be an ingenious solution to dining needs.

This seating style is conducive to informal meals and offers a comfortable, multipurpose area in the kitchen. 

In her Chelsea kitchen project, Sarah used banquette seating to create a statement feature, complemented by a faceted mirror and statement lighting. 

The use of wipeable, hard-wearing upholstery that is also tactile makes it family-friendly and practical. This approach to seating is not only space-efficient but also adds a unique charm to the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Tips

Creating Efficient and Stylish Dining Areas

  • Space Efficiency: Use banquette seating to save space, perfect for compact kitchens.
  • Statement Features: Enhance the area with statement lighting and faceted mirrors.
  • Family-Friendly Materials: Choose wipeable, hard-wearing, yet tactile upholstery for durability and comfort.
  • Dining Nook: Transform the area into a cosy dining nook, perfect for informal meals.

Kitchen Design Tips

Sarah Fox’s approach to kitchen design blends functionality with style, creating spaces that cater to both practical needs and aesthetic preferences. Her emphasis on contrasting accents, the strategic use of colour, and multifunctional features like kitchen islands and banquette seating offer valuable insights for anyone looking to redesign their kitchen. 

Whether you’re in a West London townhouse or apartment, these kitchen design tips can be adapted to suit your space and style, ensuring your kitchen is not just the most hard-working room in your home, but also the most aesthetically pleasing. 

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