Tips for when you’re moving Chiswick

Whether you’re relocating to a new area or simply moving to a different home in Chiswick, we have highlighted 12 people you need to know if you’re moving to Chiswick.

From solicitors and surveyors to help you during those early stages of your purchase, to interior designers and professional organisers to make your new house a home, these are the companies you should look to for help, advice and guidance, as recommended by our Chiswick team.

1. Sussex Mortgage Services

Mortgage advisors

Getting a mortgage that is the right fit for you and your future plans can feel like a challenge. A good mortgage broker can make an incredible difference, not only to the mortgage you can secure but also to ensure everything is closely managed from a financial side for your transaction to go through in a timely fashion.

The team at Sussex Mortgage Services have proven themselves to be valuable trusted advisors to many sellers and buyers in Chiswick.

2. Adams Kaye


A good solicitor is one of the most important members of the team of professionals you engage to assist with your sale or purchase.

Adams Kaye is a boutique law firm that specialises in property law and private client matters and is focused on excellent communication. Paul Adams and Stuart Kaye, the founding Directors of Adams Kaye, have a real passion for delivering exceptional service.

3. AR Legal


A solicitor is someone you need to be able to trust and feel confident in, it is an incredibly personal choice which is why we’re always keen to give our clients more than one recommendation.

For us, another reliable and safe pair of hands can be found in AR Legal, which is very close to home, being based on Turnham Green Terrace.

4. Michael Foreman


In almost all scenarios it is prudent to have a survey carried out on a property you’re planning to buy. Good independent surveyors can be hard to come by, you should be looking for a reputable RICS or equivalent recognised surveyor and ideally one who’s independent of the bank’s valuation surveyor.

Michael Foreman and his team of associates at M J  Foreman & Co are the first surveyors we recommend when asked.

5. Davies and Mac


We’re often asked which removals company we’d recommend and the answer is Davies and Mac.

Buyers and sellers will often overlook this vital part of moving home but it can make such a difference having a professional company to take away the stress of moving, Davis and Mac provide a seamless service. They also conveniently have a storage facility for those who need it.

6. Eve Humphreys

Professional Decorating and Refurbishment

When you’re buying or selling a property there can be a requirement for decorating or refurbishment, finding a trusted professional team who have a good track record can seem impossible.

Eve Humphreys and her team are people we will recommend time and time again. She also happens to be one of the experts on the TV show How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours.

7. Howark Design

Interior Design

Howark Design is an Interior Design and Architectural Consultancy in West London, creating stunning characterful spaces for their clients.

Their personal and flexible approach to each client is particularly notable throughout the process of creating truly stunning, transformed homes. 

To learn more about their work and see some of their portfolio, check out the Howark Design Instagram account.

Interior Design

8. Brooke Cops-Barton

Interior Design

Interior design is a personal preference, finding a designer who reflects your tastes and style is incredibly important.

We love Brooke Copp-Barton’s portfolio of work and many Chiswick residents feel similarly that her use of colour and textures perfectly complements their home and personal tastes.

Take a look at her Instagram to see a snapshot of her portfolio and learn more about her work.

Interior designer in Chiswick
Home at Brooks

9. Olivia Prentis

Home styling

Whether you need someone to add the finishing touches on the property you’re planning to sell or the one you’ve just bought, Olivia of Post Prentis Design has a keen eye for styling homes, her magic touch can make a big difference to the look and feel of a property.

Olivia’s services include home staging, interior and seasonal styling, check out her Instagram page for inspiration and to see some of her work.

Home stylist in Chiswick

10. Esme Fisher

Professional in-home organisation and decluttering

Decluttering before putting your home on the market can feel like a mammoth task but it is a very important step to maximise your property’s potential, similarly, once you’d moved in you might realise you need to organise things properly.

Esme at Tidy Coaching can take away the stresses you might have and enable you to make light work of organising and decluttering your home.

Esme is a certified Kon Mari consultant and teaches Marie Kondo’s method – follow her on Instagram to learn more.

Moving to Chiswick

11. The Calm Home Company

Professional organisers

Seasoned professional organisers, Heather Dhillon and Sally Gibbs at The Calm Home Company are the ideal professionals to engage if you’re looking for organisation solutions at home.

They are known for putting in place systems that have revolutionised the way people live and enjoy their homes.

Learn more about what they do on their Instagram.  


12. Project 1

Design and build

Easily one of London’s best design and build companies, we’re fortunate enough to have Project 1 here locally in West London.

Project 1 is an impressive design and build company who have some incredible projects in their portfolio.

With their one rule being: exceed all expectations, you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands. Check out their Instagram.

Designers and builder in W4

Selling your house in Chiswick

Each client and their property require a tailored approach to best suit their needs and requirements and ultimately achieve the best outcome. With over a decade of experience selling houses, our Chiswick estate agents have a wealth of experience to draw from to ensure your sale is smooth and without stress.

If you’re planning on selling your property contact us here or call us on 020 3989 6464 to discuss your plans, without obligation.