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How to Declutter your home is a hot topic – Time to meet home decluttering expert Esme

Hit Netflix shows such as Get Organized with The Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have encouraged thousands to declutter their homes, organise and live in a picture perfect home.

We’re fortunate in Chiswick to have our very own professional home organiser – Esme is a KonMari Consultant and founder of Tidy Coaching.

Esme trained with Marie Kondo in Los Angeles and offers specialist home organisation sessions and a decluttering service in Chiswick and across London.

Decluttering your home can considerably improve the way your home looks in online photos and virtual tours meaning you’re likely to attract more prospective buyers.

In person, a home that is organised and has good storage often proves more appealing to those viewing and, in many cases, a higher sale price can be achieved.

Going through the process of decluttering before you move can also make the process of moving to a new house far easier.

We asked Esme some questions about what she does and how she does it.

What is The KonMari Method?

Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™ uses a different approach to home organising: 

Step 1 – Make a plan – what do you ideally want your home to look and feel like? 

Step 2 – Declutter and tidy by category not by location (clothes, books, papers, komono (e.g. kitchen and bathroom), sentimental items) 

Step 3 – Make a positive choice about what to keep and let go of items with gratitude – they have served their purpose for you and someone else will cherish them.

Working with a KonMari Consultant is like working with a personal trainer. We’re there to guide you through the process, keep you motivated, encourage and listen and help you achieve amazing and long-lasting results.

How to get your house ready for sale

What Are Your 3 Top Tips for Decluttering and Staying Committed to Tidying?

  1. Finish decluttering everything first before even thinking about beautiful storage systems. Decluttering is like taking an audit of your belongings – you need to know what you’ve got before finding an organised place for it in your home.
  2. Set manageable goals or it will become overwhelming! When I work with my clients, this is one of the first things I do for them (and everyone is different). Doing too much at once can become demotivating and exhausting. 
  3. A place for everything and everything in its place. Once you have finished decluttering and decided what to keep, make sure everything has a home! This will enable you to keep organised and tidy and will keep clutter at bay.

You offer Virtual Organising Sessions How Do these Work? 

I offer world-wide virtual tidying sessions via Zoom which gives people the ability to work with a professional organiser even if there isn’t one in your area and can be valuable in our current time of Covid-19.

I guide you as you organise your belongings in real time, using Marie Kondo’s revolutionary method, while we are on a Zoom call together.

You may want to use virtual organising sessions to carry out your entire tidying journey with your KonMari Consultant or you may feel that you can tackle most of your home organising on your own, but need a little extra accountability – someone to check in with to give you some support and guidance.  

Each virtual organising session lasts a minimum of one hour. It is entirely up to you as to whether you prefer me to stay on-line with you whilst you do all your tidying, or if you would prefer to do most of your tiding ‘off-line’ and just have regular catch ups / check-ins with me. 

I always do an introductory presentation at the beginning of each new category (Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono, Sentimental Items) so that I can talk you through the Konmari Method™ for each category.

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Decluttering Your Home for Sale

It’s incredibly important to declutter your home before selling to achieve the greatest premium for your property.

We will always recommend a seller have a good sort out and removes unnecessary items from view.

Prospective buyers struggle to imagine a home as their own when it’s cluttered with the current owners’ belongings.

If it seems that a property has inadequate storage space a buyer might be put off or believe they will have to spend significant amounts to create the appropriate storage.

Engaging a service such as the one Esme offers to her clients could make the entire process far smoother.

Homes that are organised and demonstrate excellent storage options will often sell quicker and even for a higher price.

Property in Chiswick

If you’d like to talk about your plans to sell in the coming months, or simply want an idea of the current climate and the outlook for property in 2021, please do contact us.