Questions to ask your estate agent

Questions to ask your estate agent when selling

Are you unsure what questions to ask estate agents when selling a property? Here are the top questions you should ask.

If you’re considering selling your property and have invited local estate agents to conduct a market appraisal you’ve likely got a few questions that you’re thinking of asking the agent regarding their service and the steps they’ll take to achieve the best possible outcome.

We have outlined the questions that you should ask your estate agent when selling your property below.

1. How will you make my property stand out?

In a world where potential buyers are online sieving through details around the clock it’s never been more important that your property stands out online. That first impression as house hunters are scrolling through listings can make all the difference. Once a buyer has opened the full details, they are hoping to be able to gain as much information as possible about the property. Our tailored approach to marketing is incredibly successful, on Rightmove our total property listings receive an average of 305 details views per property, per day. *updated for date range 1st Jan – 30th June 2022.

2. What extra marketing do you offer?

From the images to the description our team of marketing experts ensure your property is listed in the best possible light and reaches the most amount of buyers. Social media is also an important place for your property to feature as potential buyers increasingly look at various channels to find their next home, we have a dedicated Social Media Manager who ensures your property is being seen online.

3. Percentage of asking price achieved from the last five sales?

To ascertain if a selling agent is really achieving the numbers that they’re providing you with I’d suggest asking for the percentage of asking price they’ve been achieving recently. An agent might tell you to market for a certain figure, often a high figure, but if they’re not actually agreeing the sale at that level, you could find yourself on the market unsold for many months and inevitably likely end up having to suffer a price reduction. We achieved 98% of asking price in 2021 as a result of accurate, evidence-based marketing strategies that very often result in multiple interest driving the eventual sale price. 

4. Who will be showing my property?

The senior member of staff who you meet for the initial market appraisal will remain your primary point of contact. Prior to marketing, we arrange for all Sales Negotiators to meet with the client and preview the property to ensure we are aware of its unique selling features before we commence viewings.

5. Who manages my sale from offer accepted to completion?

A Sales Manager will ultimately oversee the sales process, our sales team currently have over 50 years of combined industry experience. We believe the real hard work starts once the sale is agreed and we manage sales to a pre-agreed timeframe with milestones for appointing solicitors, booking surveys, applying for searches etc. Communication is key and keeping to the sales progression schedule greatly increased the volume of agreed sales that progress fully to completion.

6. Land Registry data for my valuation?

Another very valid question is to ask for evidence to support the asking price an agent is quoting. We’re not talking about other properties that the agent currently has on the market for sale. Anything that’s ‘for sale’ is not a good comparison as it’s not yet sold meaning that price might not be achieved. Land Registry is where all sold property prices are recorded – any comparable properties recently sold near to your home can offer a realistic idea of the possible selling price.

7. Contract length and is there a notice period?

We have shorter contracts than many other local agents, believing that within 4 weeks you can establish if you are happy with our performance and if the desired sale price is likely to be achieved. Be wary of long contracts and notice periods, always read the small print.

8. What about selling off-market

We are working with an increasing number of off market sales. These can be required for a variety of different reasons, often at our recommendation if the property and market conditions mean this route to market will achieve the best results or due to personal reasons of the seller. Not reliant simply on online advertising, our ‘black book’ of contacts is regularly updated meaning we know precisely which buyers to call when we have a new property coming to the market. More than 15% of our current sellers prefer this approach. If this is your preferred strategy, we will work with you on a personalised and bespoke marketing plan.

Thinking of selling your property?

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