Schools in Shepherd's Bush

Schools in Shepherd’s Bush – A Guide for Families Living in W12

There are a number of excellent schools in Shepherd’s Bush offering families with children multiple options. This said, some schools in W12 are highly rated and places are highly sought after meaning catchment areas can be small and admittance requirements strict.  

As West London Estate Agents we understand that the nearby schools can play a large role in decision making when moving with family. 

Here we highlight schools in Shepherd’s Bush for those living in Shepherd’s Bush and those considering making the move to W12.

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Primary Schools in W12

W12 has a range of primary schools that cater to children from different backgrounds and abilities. 

Each school has its own unique values and curriculum that aim to inspire and challenge children to develop key skills such as kindness, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Here are some of the excellent primary schools in Shepherd’s Bush:

Greenside Primary School

Greenside Primary School, located on Westville Road near Cathnor Park, is a well-regarded state-run primary school that is said to provide an enriching and nurturing learning environment for boys and girls. 

Greenside is dedicated to pushing every student beyond their perceived limits, upholding high expectations. Emphasizing that ‘Learning is Everything’, the school designs experiences to challenge and develop student leadership. Its goal is to prepare students to be globally and academically adept through the Arts, inspiring both learners and leaders.

Central to Greenside’s ethos is the integration of social, moral, spiritual, and cultural experiences, aiming to cultivate kind, reflective, and creatively inquisitive individuals. The school’s engaging, dynamic environment is based on a well-researched Experiential Learning Model. Proudly part of the GGL and The Elliot Foundation, Greenside celebrates its diverse community within London and the wider world.

Wendell Park Primary School

Wendell Park Primary School, part of the Brackenbury, Kenmont, and Wendell Park Federation, prioritizes a values-based education in a diverse community. Their core values are confidence, celebration of diversity, high expectations, individual care, and community cooperation. 

The school aims to be in England’s top 10%, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. Their mission is to inspire a love of learning and individual achievement, preparing children to be future-ready citizens. Praised by parents for its inclusivity and dynamic learning environment, the school focuses on developing adaptable, resilient learners, guided by Professor Guy Claxton’s educational principles.

Ark White City

Opened in September 2023, Ark White City Primary Academy, located in White City’s new EdCity site, champions values of Excellence, Friendship, Courage, and Determination. 

This modern and innovative school, merging Ark Swift and Ark Burlington Danes Primary Academies, offers a state-of-the-art facility with unique features like rooftop gardens, outdoor classrooms, and a versatile learning environment. Additionally, students have access to an adjacent OnSide Youth Zone, providing diverse recreational and educational facilities. 

Old Oak Primary School

Old Oak Primary School is envisioned as a school deeply integrated and valued within its community, known for both its success and its nurturing environment. The school’s primary goal is to enable each child to reach their full potential, offering them a breadth of opportunities and choices. It aims to provide a secure and stimulating setting that not only promotes academic growth but also focuses on fostering independence, self-esteem, health, and well-being in its students.

Good Shepherd RC Primary School

Good Shepherd RC Primary School is a vibrant Catholic school that provides a supportive environment for children to learn and grow. The school’s curriculum is designed to develop children’s spiritual, moral, and cultural values, as well as their academic skills. The school community values the partnership between home, school, and parish and works together to ensure that every child achieves their full potential.

St John XXIII Catholic Primary School

This outstanding primary school with an attached Nursery stands out for its strong family community, where children’s talents are nurtured by dedicated staff and governors, enabling them to achieve their full potential. 

Rooted in Gospel Values, the school combines high standards with creativity and enjoyment. Students have access to a diverse curriculum including Spanish, French, Music, Dance, Drama, Sports, Gardening, and STEAM subjects. Enhanced with experience days and workshops, the school is committed to preparing children for the future, including hosting career days and STEAM challenges, ensuring they acquire essential life skills.

St Stephen’s CofE Primary School

St. Stephen’s CE Primary School, with a history of serving the local community for over 160 years, is a vital part of Shepherd’s Bush’s heritage, established concurrently with the local church. Located in a culturally rich area with easy access to central London’s galleries, museums, and theatres, the school is dedicated to offering a creative curriculum. 

The curriculum balances the Arts and the National Curriculum, with a firm belief in nurturing each child’s unique skills and qualities through a variety of opportunities. The school’s goal is to foster happy, inspired children prepared for the world.

St. Stephen’s not only focuses on individualized learning programs but also offers a vibrant after-school club program, educational trips around London, residential trips from Year 2, diverse sporting activities, individual music tuition, and numerous performance opportunities both within and outside the school setting.

Wormholt Park Primary School

A standout feature of Wormholt Park is its UNICEF Rights Respecting Gold Status, which is evident throughout the school, influencing interactions in playgrounds, classrooms, and lunch halls.

The school is characterized by a caring and responsible attitude among children and staff towards themselves, each other, and their environment, creating a special, calm, and friendly atmosphere. This environment fosters happiness and enthusiasm for learning among the students.

Secondary Schools in W12

W12 is home to several secondary schools that offer a range of learning opportunities for students. Here are some of the top secondary schools in Shepherd’s Bush:

Woodlane High School

Woodlane High School, a purpose-built community special school catering to 11-16-year-olds, has achieved an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating. The school, established in its current location by the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham in February 2000, specializes in supporting pupils with various learning barriers.

Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy, serving students aged 11-18, offers a high-quality, inclusive education in a supportive environment. Valuing Knowledge, Aspiration, and Respect, the school provides a stimulating curriculum with a range of enrichment activities, emphasizing student development as engaged citizens.

Located in Shepherd’s Bush, London, this coeducational, non-selective secondary school and sixth form is part of the Future Academies Multi-Academy Trust, ensuring high standards. 

The academy offers a diverse educational experience with strong pastoral care. Supported by Future, it connects students with top teachers and various opportunities, embodying the ethos of “libertas per cultum” (“freedom through education”).

Jack Tizard School

Jack Tizard School, recognized as an ‘Outstanding School’ at the time of writing, is a educational establishment catering to pupils aged 2 to 19 with severe learning difficulties, including profound challenges. 

It is a nurturing environment where each student is seen as unique. The school’s approach maximizes students’ potential through a multi-disciplinary, inclusive method. It is committed to a supportive and stimulating learning environment, working closely with parents and staff for student achievement. 

Jack Tizard emphasizes inclusivity and social inclusion, respecting and valuing every individual regardless of background, and is dedicated to fostering respect, independence, and community engagement.

Moving to Shepherd’s Bush

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